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Cleveland Historical Society (Oswego County, New York)
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Oneida, Madison, New York


Tree: CHS Genealogy
Latitude: 43.0925684, Longitude: -75.65129309999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
51 Owen, Jane C.  Abt. 1840Oneida, Madison, New York I845 CHS Genealogy 
52 Osborn, Alice  Abt. 1858Oneida, Madison, New York I731 CHS Genealogy 
53 Myers, Stanley  Abt. 1918Oneida, Madison, New York I2716 CHS Genealogy 
54 Morse, Joel  Abt. 1838Oneida, Madison, New York I291 CHS Genealogy 
55 Morse, Israel Joel  1836Oneida, Madison, New York I288 CHS Genealogy 
56 Morse, Harold A. Sr.  1898Oneida, Madison, New York I144 CHS Genealogy 
57 Morse, George  Abt. 1818Oneida, Madison, New York I324 CHS Genealogy 
58 Mitchel, Eugene  Abt. 1857Oneida, Madison, New York I848 CHS Genealogy 
59 Miller, Phillip E.  Abt. 1831Oneida, Madison, New York I938 CHS Genealogy 
60 Miller, David F.  Abt. 1860Oneida, Madison, New York I940 CHS Genealogy 
61 Metcalf, Alice  26 Nov 1916Oneida, Madison, New York I1690 CHS Genealogy 
62 McCluskey, Lenora  Abt. 1863Oneida, Madison, New York I617 CHS Genealogy 
63 McCluskey, John Francis  Abt. 1865Oneida, Madison, New York I618 CHS Genealogy 
64 McCluskey, George A.  Abt. 1867Oneida, Madison, New York I619 CHS Genealogy 
65 May, Rosa L.  Abt. 1866Oneida, Madison, New York I670 CHS Genealogy 
66 Marsh, George H.  1839Oneida, Madison, New York I638 CHS Genealogy 
67 Marble, Cyrus O.  29 Nov 1832Oneida, Madison, New York I421 CHS Genealogy 
68 Lynch, Jerry  Abt. 1861Oneida, Madison, New York I342 CHS Genealogy 
69 Lonis, John  Abt. 1831Oneida, Madison, New York I602 CHS Genealogy 
70 Leonard, Melinee C.  3 Jun 1967Oneida, Madison, New York I2635 CHS Genealogy 
71 Knight, Nellie  Abt. 1867Oneida, Madison, New York I970 CHS Genealogy 
72 Knight, Cora A.  Abt. 1862 - 1863Oneida, Madison, New York I968 CHS Genealogy 
73 Knight, Clara A.  Abt. 1865Oneida, Madison, New York I969 CHS Genealogy 
74 Knight, Abner  Abt. 1831 - 1835Oneida, Madison, New York I966 CHS Genealogy 
75 Kimbal, Norman  Abt. 1829-1830Oneida, Madison, New York I738 CHS Genealogy 
76 Kimbal, Hannah  Abt. 1860Oneida, Madison, New York I742 CHS Genealogy 
77 Kimbal, Emma Jane  Abt. 1867Oneida, Madison, New York I744 CHS Genealogy 
78 Kimbal, Ella Jane  Abt. 1865Oneida, Madison, New York I743 CHS Genealogy 
79 Keogh, Thomas  Abt. 1856Oneida, Madison, New York I323 CHS Genealogy 
80 Houser, Kathleen Mary  10 May 1920Oneida, Madison, New York I3738 CHS Genealogy 
81 Henry, Curtis S.  Abt. 1824 - 1826Oneida, Madison, New York I572 CHS Genealogy 
82 Henry, Charles F.  Abt. 1850Oneida, Madison, New York I405 CHS Genealogy 
83 Hemenway, George A.  Abt. 1850Oneida, Madison, New York I426 CHS Genealogy 
84 Hallagan, Christopher  Abt. 1856Oneida, Madison, New York I447 CHS Genealogy 
85 Godfrey, Samuel Waters  1843Oneida, Madison, New York I374 CHS Genealogy 
86 Fosdick, Whitman P.  Abt. 1840Oneida, Madison, New York I438 CHS Genealogy 
87 Fosdick, Mary E.  1853Oneida, Madison, New York I359 CHS Genealogy 
88 Felts, Esther Ladue  2 Mar 1897Oneida, Madison, New York I2372 CHS Genealogy 
89 Drum, Henrietta  Oct 1857Oneida, Madison, New York I726 CHS Genealogy 
90 Dobson, Thomas N.  Abt. 1853Oneida, Madison, New York I331 CHS Genealogy 
91 Dobson, Izabella G.  Abt. 1854Oneida, Madison, New York I338 CHS Genealogy 
92 Delaney, Elizabeth Claire  25 Dec 1872Oneida, Madison, New York I1487 CHS Genealogy 
93 Caswell, Henry J.  Abt. 1829Oneida, Madison, New York I859 CHS Genealogy 
94 Caswell, Charles E.  Abt. 1843Oneida, Madison, New York I382 CHS Genealogy 
95 Carroll, Lorin  Abt. 1846Oneida, Madison, New York I696 CHS Genealogy 
96 Carroll, Charles  Abt. 1847 - 1848Oneida, Madison, New York I790 CHS Genealogy 
97 Burst, Minerva  Abt. 1849Oneida, Madison, New York I352 CHS Genealogy 
98 Bardwell, Jenett  Abt. 1820Oneida, Madison, New York I549 CHS Genealogy 
99 Audas, W. Garret  Abt. 1864Oneida, Madison, New York I905 CHS Genealogy 
100 Audas, Thomas D.  Abt. 1868Oneida, Madison, New York I907 CHS Genealogy 

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