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Cleveland Historical Society (Oswego County, New York)
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Oneida, Madison, New York


Tree: CHS Genealogy
Latitude: 43.0925684, Longitude: -75.65129309999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
51 Morse, Israel Joel  1836Oneida, Madison, New York I288 CHS Genealogy 
52 Morse, Joel  Abt. 1838Oneida, Madison, New York I291 CHS Genealogy 
53 Myers, Stanley  Abt. 1918Oneida, Madison, New York I2716 CHS Genealogy 
54 Osborn, Alice  Abt. 1858Oneida, Madison, New York I731 CHS Genealogy 
55 Owen, Jane C.  Abt. 1840Oneida, Madison, New York I845 CHS Genealogy 
56 Palmer, Charles  Abt. 1865Oneida, Madison, New York I398 CHS Genealogy 
57 Patten, Addie P.  Abt. 1858Oneida, Madison, New York I895 CHS Genealogy 
58 Patten, Commodore P.  Abt. 1856Oneida, Madison, New York I894 CHS Genealogy 
59 Patten, Henry  Abt. 1836-1838Oneida, Madison, New York I745 CHS Genealogy 
60 Patten, Marian A.  Abt. 1858Oneida, Madison, New York I747 CHS Genealogy 
61 Patten, Melvin E.  Abt. 1869-1870Oneida, Madison, New York I749 CHS Genealogy 
62 Patten, William A.  Abt. 1864Oneida, Madison, New York I748 CHS Genealogy 
63 Pease, Frank  Abt. 1863Oneida, Madison, New York I883 CHS Genealogy 
64 Peck, Reuben  Abt. 1850Oneida, Madison, New York I741 CHS Genealogy 
65 Perkins, Draper  1799Oneida, Madison, New York I301 CHS Genealogy 
66 Pettibone, Parney Maria  1810Oneida, Madison, New York I346 CHS Genealogy 
67 Roberts, Joel A.  Abt. 1837 - 1838Oneida, Madison, New York I530 CHS Genealogy 
68 Roberts, Orrey  Abt. 1851Oneida, Madison, New York I587 CHS Genealogy 
69 Sheehan, Michael Frank  8 Mar 1902Oneida, Madison, New York I4094 CHS Genealogy 
70 Stinger, Fredrick  1830Oneida, Madison, New York I935 CHS Genealogy 
71 Stinger, George  Abt. 1820 - 1821Oneida, Madison, New York I898 CHS Genealogy 
72 Tasker, Augusta  1860Oneida, Madison, New York I370 CHS Genealogy 
73 Tasker, Clinton  Abt. 1865Oneida, Madison, New York I371 CHS Genealogy 
74 Tasker, Robert  Abt. 1867Oneida, Madison, New York I372 CHS Genealogy 
75 Townsend, Cara  Abt. 1866Oneida, Madison, New York I692 CHS Genealogy 
76 Townsend, Chester  Abt. 1857Oneida, Madison, New York I691 CHS Genealogy 
77 Unknown, Abbie  Abt. 1837Oneida, Madison, New York I443 CHS Genealogy 
78 Unknown, Clara K.  Abt. 1840Oneida, Madison, New York I456 CHS Genealogy 
79 Unknown, Eliza  Abt. 1826-1827Oneida, Madison, New York I739 CHS Genealogy 
80 Unknown, Eliza A.  15 Aug 1833Oneida, Madison, New York I422 CHS Genealogy 
81 Unknown, Elizabeth  Abt. 1843Oneida, Madison, New York I439 CHS Genealogy 
82 Unknown, Emily  Abt. 1818Oneida, Madison, New York I441 CHS Genealogy 
83 Unknown, Emily  Abt. 1835Oneida, Madison, New York I787 CHS Genealogy 
84 Unknown, Hellen Ann  Abt. 1820Oneida, Madison, New York I599 CHS Genealogy 
85 Unknown, Hellen L.  Abt. 1833 - 1834Oneida, Madison, New York I967 CHS Genealogy 
86 Unknown, Julia A.  Abt. 1847Oneida, Madison, New York I904 CHS Genealogy 
87 Unknown, Julia F.  Abt. 1836Oneida, Madison, New York I413 CHS Genealogy 
88 Unknown, Lucinda  Abt. 1843Oneida, Madison, New York I634 CHS Genealogy 
89 Unknown, Mariah  Abt. 1821Oneida, Madison, New York I417 CHS Genealogy 
90 Unknown, Mariah  Abt. 1839Oneida, Madison, New York I746 CHS Genealogy 
91 Unknown, Mary  Abt. 1825Oneida, Madison, New York I325 CHS Genealogy 
92 Unknown, Mary Jane  Abt. 1850Oneida, Madison, New York I833 CHS Genealogy 
93 Unknown, Mehitabel  Abt. 1799Oneida, Madison, New York I964 CHS Genealogy 
94 Unknown, Melissa D.  1838Oneida, Madison, New York I368 CHS Genealogy 
95 Unknown, Rosetta  Abt. 1825 - 1830Oneida, Madison, New York I573 CHS Genealogy 
96 Unknown, Sarah I.  Abt. 1854Oneida, Madison, New York I897 CHS Genealogy 
97 Unknown, Sarah L.  Abt. 1848-1849Oneida, Madison, New York I735 CHS Genealogy 
98 Unknown, Susan J.  Abt. 1838Oneida, Madison, New York I893 CHS Genealogy 
99 Van Dike, James  Abt. 1831Oneida, Madison, New York I786 CHS Genealogy 
100 Wellman, Elenor E.  Abt. 1874Oneida, Madison, New York I737 CHS Genealogy 

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