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Cleveland Historical Society (Oswego County, New York)
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Cleveland, Oswego, New York


Tree: CHS Genealogy
Notes: The village was incorporated by the Legislature on April 15, 1857.
Latitude: 43.2403467, Longitude: -75.88380269999999


1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
Photo by Dwight Church
1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
Photo by Dwight Church


Matches 401 to 431 of 431

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
401 Travis, George H.  1909 - 1931Cleveland, Oswego, New York I436 CHS Genealogy 
402 Travis, Marion A.  1932Cleveland, Oswego, New York I437 CHS Genealogy 
403 Turck, Joseph A.  1860 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I414 CHS Genealogy 
404 Unknown, Caroline  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3912 CHS Genealogy 
405 Van Dike, Freeman  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2890 CHS Genealogy 
406 Van Dyke, Mary  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1265 CHS Genealogy 
407 Vandenburg, Peter  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I287 CHS Genealogy 
408 Vandenburg, Peter  1866 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I287 CHS Genealogy 
409 Vandenburgh, John  1847 - 1855Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2867 CHS Genealogy 
410 Vose, Martha  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3637 CHS Genealogy 
411 Vose, Sarah  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3638 CHS Genealogy 
412 Ward, Samuel  1860 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I427 CHS Genealogy 
413 Warner, John  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3924 CHS Genealogy 
414 Waters, John R.  1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York I659 CHS Genealogy 
415 Westcott, Eugene A. Sr.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1649 CHS Genealogy 
416 Whitbeck, Sarah  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1304 CHS Genealogy 
417 Whitney, Daniel H.  1866 - 1867Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1262 CHS Genealogy 
418 Whitney, William Henry  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2091 CHS Genealogy 
419 Widrick, William Edward  1899Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1775 CHS Genealogy 
420 Wilder, Daniel L.  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I389 CHS Genealogy 
421 Wilder, Daniel L.  1880 - 1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York I389 CHS Genealogy 
422 Wilder, Daniel L.  1884 - 1885Cleveland, Oswego, New York I389 CHS Genealogy 
423 Williams, Rev. Dillon  1871 - 1879Cleveland, Oswego, New York I293 CHS Genealogy 
424 Williams, Rebecca T.  1879 - 1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York I295 CHS Genealogy 
425 Wilson, Elias  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2936 CHS Genealogy 
426 Wilson, Harriette  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1280 CHS Genealogy 
427 Woodin, William E.  1875 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2943 CHS Genealogy 
428 Yale, Albert A.  1854 - 1857Cleveland, Oswego, New York I379 CHS Genealogy 
429 Yale, Albert A.  1866 - 1867Cleveland, Oswego, New York I379 CHS Genealogy 
430 Yale, Albert A.  1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I379 CHS Genealogy 
431 Yale, Albert A.  1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York I379 CHS Genealogy 

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Matches 401 to 450 of 2023

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
401 Dixon, Charles  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I273 CHS Genealogy 
402 Dixon, Clarence  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I274 CHS Genealogy 
403 Dixon, Edward  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I268 CHS Genealogy 
404 Dixon, Edward R.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I272 CHS Genealogy 
405 Dixon, Rebecca  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I271 CHS Genealogy 
406 Dixon, Sarah C.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I270 CHS Genealogy 
407 Dobson, Elizabeth  1860 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I337 CHS Genealogy 
408 Dobson, Fanny  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3359 CHS Genealogy 
409 Dobson, Harriet A.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3424 CHS Genealogy 
410 Dobson, Hiram  1860 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I335 CHS Genealogy 
411 Dobson, Hiram H.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3358 CHS Genealogy 
412 Dobson, Izabella G.  1860 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I338 CHS Genealogy 
413 Dobson, Thomas H.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3425 CHS Genealogy 
414 Dobson, Thomas N.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I331 CHS Genealogy 
415 Dobson, William W.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3356 CHS Genealogy 
416 Dodge, Ferdinand  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3902 CHS Genealogy 
417 Drum, Benjamin F.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3558 CHS Genealogy 
418 Drum, Catherine  1860 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I804 CHS Genealogy 
419 Drum, Charles  1860 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1054 CHS Genealogy 
420 Drum, Clinton H.  1880 - 1948Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1179 CHS Genealogy 
421 Drum, DeWitt C.  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1056 CHS Genealogy 
422 Drum, Edward  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1180 CHS Genealogy 
423 Drum, Ella F.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3711 CHS Genealogy 
424 Drum, Emma  1860 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I725 CHS Genealogy 
425 Drum, George  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3555 CHS Genealogy 
426 Drum, George  1875-1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I727 CHS Genealogy 
427 Drum, George  1875-1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I807 CHS Genealogy 
428 Drum, Georgiana  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3557 CHS Genealogy 
429 Drum, Henrietta  1860 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I726 CHS Genealogy 
430 Drum, Henry  1875-1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I808 CHS Genealogy 
431 Drum, Ida  1875-1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I806 CHS Genealogy 
432 Drum, Ida Elizabeth  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2334 CHS Genealogy 
433 Drum, Isaac E.  1875-1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I805 CHS Genealogy 
434 Drum, Jacob  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3710 CHS Genealogy 
435 Drum, Jane  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1737 CHS Genealogy 
436 Drum, Mary M.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3709 CHS Genealogy 
437 Drum, Pearl  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1671 CHS Genealogy 
438 Drum, Robert  1860 - 1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1736 CHS Genealogy 
439 Drum, Robert  1860 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I802 CHS Genealogy 
440 Drum, Silas  1860 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I723 CHS Genealogy 
441 Drum, William H.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3708 CHS Genealogy 
442 Duhamel, Rev. Bernhard J.  1913Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3761 CHS Genealogy 
443 Duhamel, Charles Louis  1934Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4093 CHS Genealogy 
444 Duncan, Charles  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3405 CHS Genealogy 
445 Duncan, Harry  1916Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4157 CHS Genealogy 
446 Duncan, Irvine  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I52 CHS Genealogy 
447 Duncan, Jhua  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3412 CHS Genealogy 
448 Duncan, Julius  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3403 CHS Genealogy 
449 Duncan, Seth P.  1860 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I440 CHS Genealogy 
450 Dunham, Alexandre  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1284 CHS Genealogy 

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