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Cleveland Historical Society (Oswego County, New York)
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Cleveland, Oswego, New York


Tree: CHS Genealogy
Notes: The village was incorporated by the Legislature on April 15, 1857.
Latitude: 43.2403467, Longitude: -75.88380269999999


1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
Photo by Dwight Church
1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
Photo by Dwight Church


Matches 2001 to 2023 of 2023

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
2001 Wise, John  1875-1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I631 CHS Genealogy 
2002 Wise, Nancy  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I676 CHS Genealogy 
2003 Wojtalewski, Mary M.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I616 CHS Genealogy 
2004 Wood, Rev. Edward F.  1931Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4198 CHS Genealogy 
2005 Wood, Rev. George  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1951 CHS Genealogy 
2006 Woodin, Emma  1875 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2946 CHS Genealogy 
2007 Woodin, Frederick R.  1875 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2945 CHS Genealogy 
2008 Woodin, William E.  1860 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2943 CHS Genealogy 
2009 Wright, Blanche  1920Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1381 CHS Genealogy 
2010 Yale, Albert A.  Abt. 1840 - 1895Cleveland, Oswego, New York I379 CHS Genealogy 
2011 Yale, Irena  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I381 CHS Genealogy 
2012 Yates, Francis C.  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I419 CHS Genealogy 
2013 Youmgs, Bessie  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1042 CHS Genealogy 
2014 Youmgs, Joseph  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1035 CHS Genealogy 
2015 Youmgs, Joseph Jr.  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1039 CHS Genealogy 
2016 Youmgs, Julia  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1038 CHS Genealogy 
2017 Youmgs, Julius  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1040 CHS Genealogy 
2018 Youmgs, Mamie  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1037 CHS Genealogy 
2019 Youmgs, Nettie  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1041 CHS Genealogy 
2020 Young, Christina  1875 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I774 CHS Genealogy 
2021 Young, Mary  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I870 CHS Genealogy 
2022 Young, Sarah  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I865 CHS Genealogy 
2023 Zingler, Linda M.  2016Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2000 CHS Genealogy 

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