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Cleveland Historical Society (Oswego County, New York)
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Cleveland, Oswego, New York


Tree: CHS Genealogy
Notes: The village was incorporated by the Legislature on April 15, 1857.
Latitude: 43.2403467, Longitude: -75.88380269999999


1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
Photo by Dwight Church
1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
Photo by Dwight Church


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
201 Town, Leona Daisy  Abt. 1876Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1092 CHS Genealogy 
202 Tyler, Alice  Abt. 1851Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1068 CHS Genealogy 
203 Unknown, Dorothy M.  15 Dec 1910Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2518 CHS Genealogy 
204 Unknown, Mary  Abt. 1833Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1244 CHS Genealogy 
205 Waters, Granville Avery  1 Dec 1883Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2101 CHS Genealogy 
206 Watson, Arthur W. Jr.  8 Apr 1888Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2597 CHS Genealogy 
207 Watson, Hazel  1898Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4134 CHS Genealogy 
208 Watson, Helen Margerite  10 Jul 1914Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4120 CHS Genealogy 
209 Watson, Minnie  10 Mar 1872Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1192 CHS Genealogy 
210 Whitney, Charles T.  22 Nov 1859Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2095 CHS Genealogy 
211 Whitney, Emma  22 Oct 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2096 CHS Genealogy 
212 Whitney, Emma  16 Dec 1890Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2185 CHS Genealogy 
213 Whitney, Franny Maria  26 May 1853Cleveland, Oswego, New York I582 CHS Genealogy 
214 Whitney, Harriet  8 Jun 1866Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2098 CHS Genealogy 
215 Whitney, Harriet Frank  22 Sep 1968Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2099 CHS Genealogy 
216 Whitney, Louise  14 Nov 1857Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2094 CHS Genealogy 
217 Whitney, Neva  27 Sep 1872Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2100 CHS Genealogy 
218 Whitney, Sarah  25 May 1864Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2097 CHS Genealogy 
219 Whitney, William Henry Jr.  1 Oct 1855Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2093 CHS Genealogy 
220 Willard, Mary  7 Jan 1840Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1515 CHS Genealogy 
221 Willard, Seymour L.  3 Feb 1842Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1521 CHS Genealogy 
222 Woodin, Emma  13 Jan 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2946 CHS Genealogy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
201 Haynes, Samuel  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3562 CHS Genealogy 
202 Hazen, David  1857Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1615 CHS Genealogy 
203 Hazen, David  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1615 CHS Genealogy 
204 Heding, Zelotus  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3523 CHS Genealogy 
205 Heeney, James  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3475 CHS Genealogy 
206 Hemenway, James H.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2493 CHS Genealogy 
207 Hennessey, Patrick  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I247 CHS Genealogy 
208 Henry, Philetus  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3653 CHS Genealogy 
209 Herle, Dr. Francik E.  1875 - 1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I511 CHS Genealogy 
210 Herriman, Caleb  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3871 CHS Genealogy 
211 Hill, John M.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3571 CHS Genealogy 
212 Houser, John  1860 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I504 CHS Genealogy 
213 Houser, Otis  1875 - 1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I506 CHS Genealogy 
214 Howard, Joseph  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3438 CHS Genealogy 
215 Humez, Antoine Charles  1882 - 1895Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2542 CHS Genealogy 
216 Ingraham, O. N.  1875 - 1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I758 CHS Genealogy 
217 Jennings, Asa Kent  1917 - 1918Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1407 CHS Genealogy 
218 Jennings, Lewis L.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2573 CHS Genealogy 
219 Johnson, Malcomb Wallace  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2576 CHS Genealogy 
220 Kaiser, George M.  1936 - 1944Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2023 CHS Genealogy 
221 Kathern, Charles  1863Cleveland, Oswego, New York I598 CHS Genealogy 
222 Kathern, Charles  1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I598 CHS Genealogy 
223 Kauesamer, Xaver  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3898 CHS Genealogy 
224 Kelly, Annie  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I480 CHS Genealogy 
225 Kelly, Catherine  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4019 CHS Genealogy 
226 Kelly, Mary  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1333 CHS Genealogy 
227 Kelly, Michael  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4017 CHS Genealogy 
228 Keogh, Patrick  1866 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I317 CHS Genealogy 
229 Killen, John  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3664 CHS Genealogy 
230 Kime, Charles  1880-1899Cleveland, Oswego, New York I177 CHS Genealogy 
231 Kime, John Philip  1887 - 1888Cleveland, Oswego, New York I646 CHS Genealogy 
232 Kirman, W. H.  1882Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2986 CHS Genealogy 
233 Knibloe, Emma  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3705 CHS Genealogy 
234 Knight, Abner  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I966 CHS Genealogy 
235 Knight, Abner  1866 - 1867Cleveland, Oswego, New York I966 CHS Genealogy 
236 Lace, Mary  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3581 CHS Genealogy 
237 Laduke, Joseph  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4008 CHS Genealogy 
238 Lam, Helen L.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3505 CHS Genealogy 
239 Landgraff, Anthony  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3675 CHS Genealogy 
240 Landgraff, Francis L.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I86 CHS Genealogy 
241 Landgraff, Harmon C.  1877 - 1879Cleveland, Oswego, New York I96 CHS Genealogy 
242 Lando, Richard  1875 - 1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I947 CHS Genealogy 
243 Lane, Giles Willlard  1873Cleveland, Oswego, New York I733 CHS Genealogy 
244 Lane, Thomas  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I791 CHS Genealogy 
245 Lang, Henry  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3544 CHS Genealogy 
246 Lanney, Austin  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3907 CHS Genealogy 
247 Laraway, Frank A  30 Apr 1925Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1223 CHS Genealogy 
248 Laraway, Fredrick A  1896Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1221 CHS Genealogy 
249 Laraway, Fredrick A  1899Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1221 CHS Genealogy 
250 Laraway, Fredrick A  1899Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1221 CHS Genealogy 

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Matches 201 to 250 of 2025

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
201 Burst, Emma  1875 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I584 CHS Genealogy 
202 Burst, Eugene  1874 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I581 CHS Genealogy 
203 Burst, Fredrick  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1334 CHS Genealogy 
204 Burst, Minerva  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I352 CHS Genealogy 
205 Busam, Frances A.  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I70 CHS Genealogy 
206 Busam, Madaline M.  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I72 CHS Genealogy 
207 Busam, William  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I79 CHS Genealogy 
208 Bushnell, Horatio H.  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1717 CHS Genealogy 
209 Bushnell, Sarah T.  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1719 CHS Genealogy 
210 Butler, Dudley  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1028 CHS Genealogy 
211 Butler, Julia  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3432 CHS Genealogy 
212 Byrnes, James  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I245 CHS Genealogy 
213 Cadd, Albert B.  1897 - 1901Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1947 CHS Genealogy 
214 Cadman, Helen  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3387 CHS Genealogy 
215 Cadman, Jane  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3388 CHS Genealogy 
216 Calhon, Charles  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3892 CHS Genealogy 
217 Callagan, Barney  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3639 CHS Genealogy 
218 Callagan, Barney A.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3643 CHS Genealogy 
219 Callagan, Julia A.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3641 CHS Genealogy 
220 Callagan, William  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3642 CHS Genealogy 
221 Campbell, Ellen  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I57 CHS Genealogy 
222 Campbell, Malcolm F.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I230 CHS Genealogy 
223 Campbell, Mary Elizabeth  1873 - 1906Cleveland, Oswego, New York I535 CHS Genealogy 
224 Caney, Charles  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3532 CHS Genealogy 
225 Carpenter, Abraham M. Jr.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3939 CHS Genealogy 
226 Carpenter, Abram M.  1860 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I585 CHS Genealogy 
227 Carpenter, Alice M.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3940 CHS Genealogy 
228 Carpenter, Edward M.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I594 CHS Genealogy 
229 Carpenter, John W.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3941 CHS Genealogy 
230 Carpenter, Mead A.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I592 CHS Genealogy 
231 Carpenter, Susan  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1067 CHS Genealogy 
232 Carrol, Nehemiah  1875 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I445 CHS Genealogy 
233 Carroll, Beatrice  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1228 CHS Genealogy 
234 Carroll, Charles  1875 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I790 CHS Genealogy 
235 Carroll, James Jr.  1842 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I694 CHS Genealogy 
236 Carroll, Loren Wallace  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1227 CHS Genealogy 
237 Carroll, Lorin  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I696 CHS Genealogy 
238 Carroll, Marian  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1229 CHS Genealogy 
239 Carroll, Sarah J.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I358 CHS Genealogy 
240 Caswell, Charles E.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I382 CHS Genealogy 
241 Caswell, Ernest  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I385 CHS Genealogy 
242 Caswell, Fred  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I384 CHS Genealogy 
243 Caswell, Henry J.  1860 - 1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I859 CHS Genealogy 
244 Caswell, Henry M.  1860 - 1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I861 CHS Genealogy 
245 Caswell, Horace  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I863 CHS Genealogy 
246 Cavanaugh, Alice C.  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1764 CHS Genealogy 
247 Cavanaugh, Ann  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1762 CHS Genealogy 
248 Cavanaugh, Daniel B.  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1763 CHS Genealogy 
249 Cavanaugh, Mary  1860 - 1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1761 CHS Genealogy 
250 Cavanaugh, Patrick  1860 - 1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1759 CHS Genealogy 

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