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Cleveland, Oswego, New York


Tree: CHS Genealogy
Notes: The village was incorporated by the Legislature on April 15, 1857.
Latitude: 43.2403467, Longitude: -75.88380269999999


1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
Photo by Dwight Church
1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
1957xxxx - Skyview of Cleveland, N.Y.
Photo by Dwight Church


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
151 O'Dell, Mary Jane  Apr 1871Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2642 CHS Genealogy 
152 Obey, Infant  Apr 1890Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2731 CHS Genealogy 
153 Odell, Helen Eva  17 Jan 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2700 CHS Genealogy 
154 Osborn, Friend William  22 Jan 1855Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4228 CHS Genealogy 
155 Piersall, Truman E.  22 Nov 1859Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4222 CHS Genealogy 
156 Potter, Altay Elizabeth  20 Jul 1854Cleveland, Oswego, New York I197 CHS Genealogy 
157 Potter, Silas Finch  23 Oct 1865Cleveland, Oswego, New York I503 CHS Genealogy 
158 Preckle, Charles Edwin  2 Aug 1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2123 CHS Genealogy 
159 Preckle, Clara Ann  1 Sep 1862Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2122 CHS Genealogy 
160 Preckle, Jeanette  15 Oct 1853Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2119 CHS Genealogy 
161 Preckle, John Franklin  19 Feb 1855Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2120 CHS Genealogy 
162 Preckle, Nellie May  12 May 1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2121 CHS Genealogy 
163 Reynolds, Daniel F.  1863Cleveland, Oswego, New York I182 CHS Genealogy 
164 Reynolds, Raymond B.  20 May 1888Cleveland, Oswego, New York I183 CHS Genealogy 
165 Roberts, Edward D.  Abt. 1862Cleveland, Oswego, New York I532 CHS Genealogy 
166 Robinson, Mary Norine  11 May 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I206 CHS Genealogy 
167 Root, Ervin B.  29 Nov 1869Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4252 CHS Genealogy 
168 Schmidt, Blanche C.  14 Nov 1921Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1396 CHS Genealogy 
169 Schmidt, Charles P.  1888 - 1928Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1374 CHS Genealogy 
170 Schmidt, Floyd Vincent  5 Feb 1909Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1382 CHS Genealogy 
171 Schmidt, Frank F.  26 Jan 1890Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1377 CHS Genealogy 
172 Schmidt, Grace Monica  31 Jul 1913Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1384 CHS Genealogy 
173 Schmidt, John Gloude  28 Jan 1891Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1375 CHS Genealogy 
174 Schmidt, Louise C.  23 Apr 1912Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1383 CHS Genealogy 
175 Schmidt, Margret C.  27 Mar 1920Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1385 CHS Genealogy 
176 Schmidt, Rose C.  24 Jun 1884Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1513 CHS Genealogy 
177 Schuler, Mary Ann  8 Apr 1876Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4057 CHS Genealogy 
178 Schwartz, Anna  11 Aug 1865Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4212 CHS Genealogy 
179 Schwartz, Emma S  30 Jul 1876Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1222 CHS Genealogy 
180 Senecal, Ethel Agnes  9 Aug 1902Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1645 CHS Genealogy 
181 Senecal, Eveline F.  20 Feb 1916Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1647 CHS Genealogy 
182 Sherman, Charles Kathern  13 Apr 1868Cleveland, Oswego, New York I468 CHS Genealogy 
183 Sherman, Hattie Elmira  26 Dec 1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I469 CHS Genealogy 
184 Sherman, Lulu Bell  12 May 1865Cleveland, Oswego, New York I467 CHS Genealogy 
185 Stenson, Donald C.  24 Oct 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4158 CHS Genealogy 
186 Stenson, Gertrude  4 Aug 1868Cleveland, Oswego, New York I538 CHS Genealogy 
187 Stevens, William Jay  12 Jun 1840Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2878 CHS Genealogy 
188 Stinger, Arden George Sr.  31 Oct 1915Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1678 CHS Genealogy 
189 Stinger, Arden George Jr.  11 May 1935Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1691 CHS Genealogy 
190 Stinger, Bessie Margaret  11 Dec 1920Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1682 CHS Genealogy 
191 Stinger, Catherine O.  Oct 1844Cleveland, Oswego, New York I795 CHS Genealogy 
192 Stinger, Clinton Dewey  15 Jan 1899Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1672 CHS Genealogy 
193 Stinger, Henry Frederick  22 May 1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1138 CHS Genealogy 
194 Stinger, Jennie  6 Jun 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1139 CHS Genealogy 
195 Stinger, John E.  1862Cleveland, Oswego, New York I901 CHS Genealogy 
196 Stinger, Lewis F.  12 Aug 1848Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1910 CHS Genealogy 
197 Stinger, Mary Elizabeth  11 Apr 1927Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1685 CHS Genealogy 
198 Tallman, Gilbert W.  1906Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2847 CHS Genealogy 
199 Terpenny, William Jay  9 May 1844Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1844 CHS Genealogy 
200 Titus, Jessie F.  31 Oct 1856Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1519 CHS Genealogy 

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Matches 151 to 200 of 431

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
151 Fitzpatrick, William V.  1922 - 1934Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1630 CHS Genealogy 
152 Flannigan, Mary H.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3603 CHS Genealogy 
153 Fosdick, Samuel  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3954 CHS Genealogy 
154 Fosdick, Whitman P.  1875 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I438 CHS Genealogy 
155 Foster, William H.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I41 CHS Genealogy 
156 Foster, William H.  1857-1858Cleveland, Oswego, New York I41 CHS Genealogy 
157 Foster, William H.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I41 CHS Genealogy 
158 Foster, William H.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1301 CHS Genealogy 
159 Foster, William H.  1866 - 1867Cleveland, Oswego, New York I41 CHS Genealogy 
160 Foster, William H.  1871Cleveland, Oswego, New York I41 CHS Genealogy 
161 Foster, William H.  1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York I41 CHS Genealogy 
162 Foster, William Henry Jr.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I46 CHS Genealogy 
163 Foster, William Henry Jr.  1879Cleveland, Oswego, New York I46 CHS Genealogy 
164 Gale, Albert  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3990 CHS Genealogy 
165 Gallagher, James L.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I68 CHS Genealogy 
166 Gallagher, James L.  1894Cleveland, Oswego, New York I68 CHS Genealogy 
167 Garber, Henry  1866 - 1867Cleveland, Oswego, New York I276 CHS Genealogy 
168 Garber, Henry  1860 - 1878Cleveland, Oswego, New York I276 CHS Genealogy 
169 Gardner, George  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3682 CHS Genealogy 
170 Garlick, Charles A.  1928Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4177 CHS Genealogy 
171 Getman, Crawford  1866 - 1867Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1110 CHS Genealogy 
172 Getman, Crawford  1869 - 1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1110 CHS Genealogy 
173 Getman, Crawford  1892Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1110 CHS Genealogy 
174 Getman, Oliver  1883Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1612 CHS Genealogy 
175 Getman, Oliver  1886Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1612 CHS Genealogy 
176 Gilbert, Clarence  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I663 CHS Genealogy 
177 Godfrey, Hiiram  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3899 CHS Genealogy 
178 Gomon, Napoleon  1870 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1751 CHS Genealogy 
179 Gouchie, David Jr.  1892Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1225 CHS Genealogy 
180 Gouchie, Edward McGuire  1900Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1213 CHS Genealogy 
181 Gouchie, Francis John  1920Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3563 CHS Genealogy 
182 Griesmeyer, Bertram John  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3834 CHS Genealogy 
183 Griesmeyer, Henry Sr.  1875 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I122 CHS Genealogy 
184 Griesmeyer, Henry Jr.  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I19 CHS Genealogy 
185 Grimshaw, George B  1900Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2513 CHS Genealogy 
186 Grow, Timothy C.  1894Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1492 CHS Genealogy 
187 Hallagan, Simon  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3992 CHS Genealogy 
188 Hamilton, Albert  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1143 CHS Genealogy 
189 Hamilton, Henry  1879 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I831 CHS Genealogy 
190 Hamilton, William  1860 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I828 CHS Genealogy 
191 Harding, George  1866 - 1867Cleveland, Oswego, New York I450 CHS Genealogy 
192 Harding, George  1853 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I450 CHS Genealogy 
193 Harding, George  1877Cleveland, Oswego, New York I450 CHS Genealogy 
194 Harris, Benjamin E.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3944 CHS Genealogy 
195 Harris, Henry A.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2475 CHS Genealogy 
196 Harris, Rufus K.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2473 CHS Genealogy 
197 Harris, Thomas  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3696 CHS Genealogy 
198 Hartley, Hannah  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I601 CHS Genealogy 
199 Hastings, Eileen  1934Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4186 CHS Genealogy 
200 Haynes, Henry C.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3693 CHS Genealogy 

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Matches 151 to 200 of 2025

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
151 Bopp, Frederick Jr.  1934Cleveland, Oswego, New York I4239 CHS Genealogy 
152 Bopp, Paul  1934Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3753 CHS Genealogy 
153 Bopp, Raymond  1934Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3742 CHS Genealogy 
154 Bortle, Clara  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1101 CHS Genealogy 
155 Bortle, James  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1239 CHS Genealogy 
156 Bowman, John  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I284 CHS Genealogy 
157 Bradshaw, Earll  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1050 CHS Genealogy 
158 Bradshaw, Ellen  1860 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I555 CHS Genealogy 
159 Bradshaw, George  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3621 CHS Genealogy 
160 Bradshaw, Kate  1875-1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I560 CHS Genealogy 
161 Bradshaw, Lizzie  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I559 CHS Genealogy 
162 Bradshaw, Margaret  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I558 CHS Genealogy 
163 Bradshaw, Mary B.  1860 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I554 CHS Genealogy 
164 Bradshaw, Nicholas  1860 - 1881Cleveland, Oswego, New York I557 CHS Genealogy 
165 Bradshaw, Sarah  1860 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I556 CHS Genealogy 
166 Bradshaw, Thomas  1860 - 1883Cleveland, Oswego, New York I552 CHS Genealogy 
167 Bradt, Rose  1917 - 1940Cleveland, Oswego, New York I135 CHS Genealogy 
168 Brayton, Henry  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1706 CHS Genealogy 
169 Brayton, John  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1703 CHS Genealogy 
170 Brayton, Thomas  1870Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1705 CHS Genealogy 
171 Briggs, Mariah F.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3569 CHS Genealogy 
172 Briggs, Rheuben  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3565 CHS Genealogy 
173 Briggs, Rosetta A.  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3568 CHS Genealogy 
174 Briggs, Theodore  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3567 CHS Genealogy 
175 Bristol, Frank  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1057 CHS Genealogy 
176 Bristol, Frederick J.  1940Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2212 CHS Genealogy 
177 Bristol, Melvin  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1060 CHS Genealogy 
178 Bristol, Sarah  1875-1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I872 CHS Genealogy 
179 Bristol, William  1880 - 1909Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1059 CHS Genealogy 
180 Brock, James  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1350 CHS Genealogy 
181 Brosmore, Albert  1875 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I916 CHS Genealogy 
182 Brown, Deborah  1831 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I262 CHS Genealogy 
183 Brown, James  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1291 CHS Genealogy 
184 Brown, John R.  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1154 CHS Genealogy 
185 Brown, Martha  1843 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I899 CHS Genealogy 
186 Brown, Mary  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1155 CHS Genealogy 
187 Brown, Sarah  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1156 CHS Genealogy 
188 Bruhler, Jacob  1861Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1588 CHS Genealogy 
189 Buck, Kate  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1182 CHS Genealogy 
190 Buck, Lawrence  1877 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1181 CHS Genealogy 
191 Bulian, Bridget  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3516 CHS Genealogy 
192 Bulian, James  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3517 CHS Genealogy 
193 Bulian, Martha  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3518 CHS Genealogy 
194 Bulian, Michael  1860Cleveland, Oswego, New York I3514 CHS Genealogy 
195 Burch, Jane L.  Cleveland, Oswego, New York I2956 CHS Genealogy 
196 Burns, James  1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I1273 CHS Genealogy 
197 Burns, Mary  1870 - 1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I251 CHS Genealogy 
198 Burst, Anna L.  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I388 CHS Genealogy 
199 Burst, Carrie  1875 - 1880Cleveland, Oswego, New York I583 CHS Genealogy 
200 Burst, Charles Montgomery  1875Cleveland, Oswego, New York I386 CHS Genealogy 

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