Syracuse, Onondaga, New York


Tree: CHS Genealogy
City/Town : Latitude: 43.0481221, Longitude: -76.14742439999998


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barrett, Patrina F.  31 Oct 1934Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2465 CHS Genealogy 
2 Barrett, Sands Charles  5 Nov 1960Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2137 CHS Genealogy 
3 Brown, Neal  13 Aug 1938Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2108 CHS Genealogy 
4 Cook, Louise  1865Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2559 CHS Genealogy 
5 Dunnigan, Florence Gazelle  10 Aug 1912Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2722 CHS Genealogy 
6 Gere, Grace  29 Dec 1862Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I21 CHS Genealogy 
7 Kessler, Phyllis J.  14 Jun 1927Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2588 CHS Genealogy 
8 Leonard, Pamela A.  4 Aug 1943Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2631 CHS Genealogy 
9 Niepling, Lorenzo Taylor  26 Jul 1869Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2727 CHS Genealogy 
10 Redington, Lucille  13 Mar 1940Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2551 CHS Genealogy 
11 Soule, Dorothy  Abt. 1916Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I32 CHS Genealogy 
12 Stinger, Henry C.  19 Sep 1876Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1912 CHS Genealogy 
13 Stinger, Laura G.  9 May 1879Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1913 CHS Genealogy 
14 Zingler, Linda M.  25 Aug 1942Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2000 CHS Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aley, Julia  8 Mar 1918Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I610 CHS Genealogy 
2 Audas, Mary Louise  10 Mar 1937Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I909 CHS Genealogy 
3 Barden, Winfred  17 Nov 1918Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2622 CHS Genealogy 
4 Barrett, Patrina F.  20 Apr 1990Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2465 CHS Genealogy 
5 Barrett, Sands Charles  6 Nov 1960Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2137 CHS Genealogy 
6 Bedell, Milton J.  8 Mar 1916Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1335 CHS Genealogy 
7 Beebe, Levi  3 Sep 1936Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1497 CHS Genealogy 
8 Beebe, William  21 Feb 1933Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1348 CHS Genealogy 
9 Bristol, Floyd Allison  22 Feb 1975Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2209 CHS Genealogy 
10 Chisholm, Amelia  1892Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I112 CHS Genealogy 
11 Cleveland, Alta F.  12 Feb 1933Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1576 CHS Genealogy 
12 Daniels, George H. Jr.  13 Sep 1953Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2305 CHS Genealogy 
13 Deeley, Earl  12 Apr 1960Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2310 CHS Genealogy 
14 Foster, Ellen  21 May 1897Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I43 CHS Genealogy 
15 Fuller, Kate  1 May 1933Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2739 CHS Genealogy 
16 Gere, Grace  1 Nov 1935Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I21 CHS Genealogy 
17 Griesmeyer, Frederick George  6 Jan 1969Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I118 CHS Genealogy 
18 Hoover, Bessie Goldie  26 Apr 1982Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1673 CHS Genealogy 
19 Humez, John R.  22 Jan 1989Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2550 CHS Genealogy 
20 Kelly, Patrick  27 Oct 1886Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I478 CHS Genealogy 
21 Landgraff, Gustavus  1888Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I88 CHS Genealogy 
22 Lavancher, Julius Sr  11 Dec 1938Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I776 CHS Genealogy 
23 Lavancher, Julius Clyde  29 Sep 1959Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2621 CHS Genealogy 
24 Lenning, Gazelle  12 Dec 1939Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1201 CHS Genealogy 
25 Lenning, Harriet  13 Apr 1930Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1094 CHS Genealogy 
26 Leonard, Clarence Louis  29 Oct 1993Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2629 CHS Genealogy 
27 Mulholland, Naomi  Sep 1974Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1555 CHS Genealogy 
28 Nipling, Flora S.  10 Aug 1943Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1911 CHS Genealogy 
29 O'Connor, Mary A.  1920Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I479 CHS Genealogy 
30 Senecal, Elizabeth  1 Feb 1941Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1553 CHS Genealogy 
31 Senecal, Emma F.  18 Jul 1930Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1115 CHS Genealogy 
32 Snyder, William  20 Nov 1909Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1093 CHS Genealogy 
33 Stinger, Henry C.  14 Sep 1879Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1912 CHS Genealogy 
34 Stinger, John E.  1939Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I901 CHS Genealogy 
35 Stinger, Laura G.  23 Aug 1880Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1913 CHS Genealogy 
36 Stinger, Lewis F.  4 Feb 1920Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1910 CHS Genealogy 
37 Stinger, Mary Elizabeth  16 Oct 2000Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1685 CHS Genealogy 
38 Titus, John  13 Jun 1907Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1518 CHS Genealogy 
39 Wells, Mary A.  22 Oct 1921Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1670 CHS Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dwyer, Dr. Thomas Bernhard  Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I603 CHS Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Membership    Person ID   Tree 
1 Soule, Frank Channing  Abt. 1917Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I20 CHS Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beebe, James H.  25 Mar 1941Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2371 CHS Genealogy 
2 Beebe, Varland M.  18 Jan 1943Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2626 CHS Genealogy 
3 Cottet, Laurence D.  5 Dec 1942Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I133 CHS Genealogy 
4 Tufts, Charles Leonard  7 Dec 1942Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1664 CHS Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Landgraff, Harmon C.  Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I96 CHS Genealogy 
2 Redington, Lucille  Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2551 CHS Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 App, Catherine Mary  Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I6 CHS Genealogy 
2 App, Martin  Abt. 1850Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I11 CHS Genealogy 
3 Bitz, Katherine  1955Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1580 CHS Genealogy 
4 Cottet, Raymond F.  1982Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I138 CHS Genealogy 
5 Duesler, George A.  1949Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2032 CHS Genealogy 
6 Extale, Edward W.  1920Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I637 CHS Genealogy 
7 Jackson, Lauretta Clara  Abt 1944 - 1987Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2308 CHS Genealogy 
8 Kessler, Dorothy J.  Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2571 CHS Genealogy 
9 Landgraff, Charles  1869 - 1896Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I85 CHS Genealogy 
10 Leonard, Charles Henry  1944Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I171 CHS Genealogy 
11 Macnish, Francis  1937Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2030 CHS Genealogy 
12 McCluskey, Emma  Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I185 CHS Genealogy 
13 Mulholland, Florence A.  Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1567 CHS Genealogy 
14 Mulholland, James E.  Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1568 CHS Genealogy 
15 Page, Ellsworth M.  1920Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I2736 CHS Genealogy 
16 Senecal, Elizabeth  1941Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1553 CHS Genealogy 
17 Sixberry, Edith  1926Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1939 CHS Genealogy 
18 Unknown, Catherine  Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1569 CHS Genealogy 
19 Watson, Everett  1936Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1190 CHS Genealogy 
20 Widrick, I. D.  1932Syracuse, Onondaga, New York I1779 CHS Genealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 App / Lichteissen  1840Syracuse, Onondaga, New York F3 CHS Genealogy