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951 Apprentice Glass Blower, 1860
Glass Blower, 1875 - 1880 
Long, Charles (I832)
952 April 10 1893. In the Oswego Daily Times, under the real estate transaction column we find that Louisa?s father sells to Louisa Ladue, for the sum of one hundred dollars, his property in Cleveland. Best, Louisa (I1405)
953 April 1911 - S.F. Potter and family arrived here last week from their winter home at Garden City, L.I. and are again occupying their summer residence on East Lake Street. Potter, Silas Finch (I503)
954 Arden Stinger is making repairs and improvements to his home. Stinger, Arden George Sr. (I1678)
955 Army Corporal Arthur Morenus was stationed at Dodge City Air base when he became engaged to Lillian Mac Zarbucken of that place. Family F383
956 Army Serial No.: 32 085 150

Specialty, Adm NCO (502), with qualifications on M1 Rifle 30 Caliber and German S.S.

Awarded the Good Conduct Medal, American Def Ser Medal, American Theater Service Meadal and the Victory Medal. 
Griesmeyer, Bertram John Jr (I3678)
957 Around 1828, Ned used to barber in Herkimer and nearby Mohawk Valley villages during the winter months. He maintained this profession after moving to the Cleveland area. Sherman, Edward (I464)
958 Arthur buys his first undertaking business from F.D. Deans, Cleveland, NY. Watson, Arthur W. Jr. (I2597)
959 Arthur James Watson enlisted in the military Sept 3 1862. Mustered Sept 8 1862 with the rank of Fifer.
Promoted Fife Major Nov 1864.
Discharged July 1865.
(Twn Clerks Register of men who served in the Civil War) 
Watson, James Arthur (I1188)
960 Arthur Treen of Boonville, N.Y., who was inducted into the U.S. Army two weeks ago, is now at Camp Upton, N.Y., and his bride, the former Miss Anna Stinger, is making her home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Stinger. Treen, Arthur M. (I1687)
961 Arthur Watson has moved his barber shop into the Audas building, two doors south of his former place of business. Watson, Arthur W. Jr. (I2597)
962 Artium Magister Instructor in Mathematics and Latin. Morenus, Eugenie Maria (I1464)
963 As an incident of the hard times, Agent Whitney was going along Lake Street last evening with a bag about a quarter full of meal on his shoulder. In passing, he remarked: "When I first moved here, I used to get a bag full; now I can only get this much." And yet Whitney will continue to walk up, as usual, on election day and deposit his vote to continue the poverty of the masses. Whitney, Albert C. (I1343)
964 As we go to press, we learn that Chas. Long's mother died last night. Unknown, Marilla (I840)
965 As we go to press, we learn that Mrs. Garber, wife of Counselor Gerber, formerly of Cleveland, died yesterday morning at Richfield Springs. Unknown, Louisa (I277)
966 Asa gained the respect of both the Greek and Turkish governments so after completing his time at sea both governments used Asa to help negotiate prisoner exchanges between the two countries. Jennings, Asa Kent (I1407)
967 Asa Kent became an ordained minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1908 and held pastorates at Forestport (1907-1908), Barneveld (1909), Richfield Springs (1911-1915) and Chateaugay (1916-1917). Jennings, Asa Kent (I1407)
968 Asa stayed in Turkey following the conflict and helped to establish an organization similar to the YMCA (without the "C"), called "The Friends of Turkey". Jennings, Asa Kent (I1407)
969 Asa was first diagnosed with acute tuberculosis, a bacterial infection of the lungs. He worsened in the hospital over an eight week stay, but Asa felt he needed "fresh air" and left the hospital for a lodge on Seventh Lake in the Adirondacks.

Failing to improve, his wife brought him to another doctor where the additional diagnosis of Pott's disease (a tubercular infection that travels from the lungs to the spine). He returned to Seventh Lake for a short while before Asa was forced into an emergency surgery.

Although the doctors had felt he would die soon, Asa left the hospital for Clifton Spring, in the Finger Lakes region of New York. Here, the combination of massage, rest and the sulfer-springs, led to his eventual healing, although the damage to his body would last throughout the remainder of his life. 
Jennings, Asa Kent (I1407)
970 At 5 a.m. this Thursday morning, at her home on Fourth Street, occurred the death of Miss Gertrude Stenson, a most estimable and beloved resident of this village. Miss Stenson has been in ill health for ten years and for two years, confined to wheel chair. She was as well as usual until Thursday. Stenson, Gertrude (I538)
971 At 6:35 Friday evening, Camden Village was bereaved at one of its most highly esteemed women in the death of Mrs. Elizabeth Stenson, who passed away at her late home, No. 13 Fourth Street. For over a year deceased had been ailing from heart trouble, which during the last two weeks of her life was acute and consumed her in the end. Campbell, Mary Elizabeth (I535)
972 At 93 years old, Mr. App was the village's oldest resident at the time of his death. App, George C. (I2)
973 At age 87, sick with cancer and under hospice care, Blanche Celestine Barry, who had a lifelong passion for animals, became the oldest person to swim with dolphins at SeaWorld in Orlando, Fla.

Mrs. Barry's splash with fame occurred in February at Discovery Cove, where she donned a wet suit and cavorted with Capricorn, SeaWorld's oldest dolphin at 40 -- double the life expectancy for dolphins.

This was one of many achievements for the former Blanche Schmidt, who lived a life rich with family, career and an insatiable quest to learn. 
Schmidt, Blanche C. (I1396)
974 At an early age he was section foreman on the N.Y.O. & W.R.R. at Cleveland receiving promotion to more responsible positions and later went with the N.Y.N.H. & H.R.R., retiring after upwards of 70 years in railroad service. Smith, John H. (I3797)
975 At Cleveland, [Rev. MacNish] mixes religion with business methods. In order to keep the villagers from seeking jobs in the cities, MacNish established a candle factory, became vice-president, and drives the product of the candle factory to the railroad station. Macnish, Rev. George Herbert (I2019)
976 At his home in North Bay Saturday occurred the sudden death of Charles Esty, a brother of Joseph Esty of Camden. Mr. Esty passed away while sitting in a chair, heart failure being the cause of death. Ever since a serious fall a number of years ago, deceased had suffered from a chest injury that affected the heart. Este, Charles (I4013)
977 At Margaret's request there were no calling hours. Schmidt, Margret C. (I1385)
978 At State Bridge, the residence of his son, J.T. Gilbert, David Gilbert, of apoplexy, aged 75 years. Deceased was formerly a resident of Cleveland. Gilbert, David (I2423)
979 At the age of 6 years she was afflicted with scarlet fever, in recovering from which she became almost completely deaf. With other trials she was constitutionally delicate from pulmonary trouble, and these combined to retire her wholly within the home circle, where she was ever a quiet, gentle, patient companion, whose love is felt by every one who knew her. Landgraff, Rosaline E. (I100)
980 At the age of 85 yrs , he is known as the shortest man ( standing 5' ) in 5 towns. Tracy, Bradford (I911)
981 At the age of five years he, with his parents, moved to the farm in the town of Vienna, which, for the following 55 years was his home. Bitz, Lorenzo F. (I1575)
982 At the age of ninety-one, he was still as sharp as a tack. A distinguished lawyer, over the years he had also become a political leader on the North Shore. Gallagher, James L. (I68)
983 At the home of his step-son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. A. Hoover, in Cleveland, NY, on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 1917, occurred the death of Jerome W. Fellows after an illness of several weeks from a complication of disease. A strange coincidence in connection with the passing away was the fact that it was upon his birthday. Fellows, Jerome W. (I1592)
984 At the time of his death, he had been employed as a printer at Smith-Lee Co. Inc. Beebe, Varland M. (I2626)
985 At twenty minutes of 12 o'clock yesterday morning, a noble soul parted from this life, to enter into the great Beyond: The feeble, flickering spark of life, that for many days had struggled for an existence, at last went out, in the moon-time calm of a beautiful Spring day: and the earthly duties of Justice Lane were finished.

Probably no other event has ever caused such universal sorrow through the community, who feel his loss as a personal bereavement. Possessed of natural and acquired abilities that elevated him above the average, yet he was as modest and unassuming as a child: Endowed with the finest characteristics of manhood - the embodiment of all that was good and ennobling; with an organization keenly sensitive to the misfortune of others; - free, open-hearted, sympathetic, overflowing with genuine humanity - such were the qualities that endeared him to all, and his untimely decease is a great public misfortune.

Giles Willard Lane was born in the town of Cobbleskill, Scoharie County, N.Y., on the 25th of November 1820, which would bring his age 57 years, 5 months and 1 day. He was next to the oldest in a family of seven children - 3 boys and 4 grils - all of whom survive him. The oldest brother is in Wisconsin, the other two, John and Spencer, reside near Camden. Two of his sisters reside here, Mrs. Osborne (with whom he lived), and Mrs. Deans; the others are Miss Louisa Lane, of Constantia, and Mrs. Merchant of West Monroe.

In 1837, Willard, than a promising young man, moved with his father's family to West Monroe, where they lived three years and the came to what is generally known as Lenesburg, a few miles northeast of here. Willard was now in his 20th year, and soon after their arrival, engaged in the lumber business, which was carried on for a number of years. During his 20 years' residence at the Burg, he held the office of Trustee for a long time, and also taught school there.

In the year 1860, he took up his residence in Cleveland and in partnership with his brother John, purchased the chair factory of Hitchcock & Son, which was then in operation where the planing mill stands.

The people were not long finding him a representative man, and in 1861 he was elected to the office of Supervisor, where he served the people faithfully and well. A year or two after he was chosen Collector. In 1864, he was elected Justice of the Peace, which position he held continuously till his death. The greater part of the time through those years he was also a member of the Village Board.

All through a period of over 15 years he was chosen by the people to positions of public trust and honor, and their confidence in him was unlimited. That his fidelity and usefulness was appreciated, is plainly evidenced in the deep expressions of sorrow from far and near.

All through his long illness, and up to within a day of his death, he clung to the belief that he would get well. He expressed himself as fully prepared, if he must die, bu cherished a great desire to get well that he might finish up many things that remained unsettled. Although his hopes were not to be realized, Death found him not unprepared. His eminently worthy Christian life and rendered the transition sweet and peaceful -

The funeral services will be hold tomorrow, in the Methodist Church, Rev. W.S. Titus officiating. After which, the remains will be taken to Maple Flats for burial, beside his father, mother and two sisters.
Lane, Giles Willlard (I733)
986 Attended prominent area fires:
* 1960-12-03 - Corcoran Home Fire
* 1961-12-05 - Cleveland Hotel Fire 
Tufts, Charles Leonard (I1664)
987 Attorney Garber has moved to Lee Centre. Garber, Henry (I276)
988 Attorney H.C. Landgraff left here yesterday for his new business place at Oneida. The best wishes of the Press accompany him. Landgraff, Harmon C. (I96)
989 Attorney Sanders, of Syracuse, is making arrangements to take up his residence again at Cleveland. Then we will have four lawyers. Sanders, William (I1324)
990 August Wise, Jr. and Miss Anna Kavanaugh are soon to be married. Family F876
991 August Wise, Jr. and Miss Anna Kavanaugh were married in St. Mary's Church, Sunday by Rev. F.D. Maguire. The bride received many valuable presents from her friends, a few of whom enjoyed a supper at the residents of her parents, Sunday evening. Family F876
992 Baptized Emelia Clarissa Schmidt. Schmidt, Clarice (I4087)
993 Barbara could be the wife of Henry Grismyer (id#123) and she could also have been married to Michael Shuler. It's unclear based on the information in the 1880 census. Unknown, Barbara (I1283)
994 Barney Levine and Zeta Leonard had a son named Edward Daly Levine. He was adopted by his grandparents Louis and Elizabeth Leonard at which time he changed his name Clarence Louis Leonard. This is how I'm listing him in the family tree. Leonard, Clarence Louis (I2629)
995 Based on the information in the Cleveland Comprehensive Plan, the Towt-Foster-Edminster House was built around 1825 by John Towt. After his death in 1847, William Foster purchased the home.

According to the 1850 census, the residence is valued at $20,000. Additionally, Mary Delahunt (16 years old) is noted as a resident with the Foster family. It is unclear if she is a servant or some other relation to the family.

According to the 1870 census, the residence of the William and Mary is valued at $50,000 and personal assets valued at $30,000.

According to the 1880 census, William and Mary had a servant by the name of Lewis Coon. 
Foster, William H. (I41)
996 Because he is the only veteran left of the many who once belonged to H.L. Farmer Post 16, G.A.R., he has surrendered the charter. He still keeps his membership in the G.A.R.  Deans, Thomas Derritt (I1183)
997 Bedell-Fosdick - At the house of John Fosdick, in this village, Dec. 28th, by Rev. W.S.Titus, his only daughter, Mary E. Fosdick and Milton J. Bedell, of West Vienna. Family F340
998 Ben Andrus is rapidly coming to the front as a local poet. He has just completed fifteen or twenty verses, in long and short meter on that celebrated "chicken" affair; and the three participants are searing their hair, and vowing that they will fill his old hide with buck shot on the first opportunity. Andrus, Benjamin C. (I986)
999 Benjamin Franklin and Susan Morgan are twins. Marsden, Benjamin Franklin (I3016)
1000 Benjamin Franklin and Susan Morgan are twins. Marsden, Susan Morgan (I3017)

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