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Matches 901 to 950 of 1,975

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901 Baptized Emelia Clarissa Schmidt. Schmidt, Clarice (I4087)
902 Barbara could be the wife of Henry Grismyer (id#123) and she could also have been married to Michael Shuler. It's unclear based on the information in the 1880 census. Unknown, Barbara (I1283)
903 Barney Levine and Zeta Leonard had a son named Edward Daly Levine. He was adopted by his grandparents Louis and Elizabeth Leonard at which time he changed his name Clarence Louis Leonard. This is how I'm listing him in the family tree. Leonard, Clarence Louis (I2629)
904 Based on the information in the Cleveland Comprehensive Plan, the Towt-Foster-Edminster House was built around 1825 by John Towt. After his death in 1847, William Foster purchased the home.

According to the 1850 census, the residence is valued at $20,000. Additionally, Mary Delahunt (16 years old) is noted as a resident with the Foster family. It is unclear if she is a servant or some other relation to the family.

According to the 1870 census, the residence of the William and Mary is valued at $50,000 and personal assets valued at $30,000.

According to the 1880 census, William and Mary had a servant by the name of Lewis Coon. 
Foster, William H. (I41)
905 Because he is the only veteran left of the many who once belonged to H.L. Farmer Post 16, G.A.R., he has surrendered the charter. He still keeps his membership in the G.A.R.  Deans, Thomas Derritt (I1183)
906 Bedell-Fosdick - At the house of John Fosdick, in this village, Dec. 28th, by Rev. W.S.Titus, his only daughter, Mary E. Fosdick and Milton J. Bedell, of West Vienna. Family F340
907 Ben Andrus is rapidly coming to the front as a local poet. He has just completed fifteen or twenty verses, in long and short meter on that celebrated "chicken" affair; and the three participants are searing their hair, and vowing that they will fill his old hide with buck shot on the first opportunity. Andrus, Benjamin C. (I986)
908 Benjamin Franklin and Susan Morgan are twins. Marsden, Benjamin Franklin (I3016)
909 Benjamin Franklin and Susan Morgan are twins. Marsden, Susan Morgan (I3017)
910 Bernhard-Blake: At the home of the bride's sister, in Mount Vernon, N.Y., June 20th, 1883, Mr. B.J. Bernhard and Miss Elsie A. Blake, her father, Rev. Wm. Blake, officiating. Family F607
911 Bert and Margaret were married by Cardinal George Stafford.  Family F851
912 Between 1924 and January of 1928, Asa K. Jennings made several trips back and forth between the United States and Turkey drumming up support for various Turkish youth projects. At some point, his son, Asa W. Jennings, joined him in his work on the Smyrna Welfare Council project until was discontinued in June of 1928. The Jennings family returned to the United States in July of that same year. This marked the end of the YMCA's involvement with Jennings and his projects overseas. Jennings, Asa Kent (I1407)
913 Bill cumins moved his household effects to Bernhard's Bay, Thursday.  Cummins, William Henry (I1233)
914 Bill Cumins was presented with a daughter yesterday morning. Cummins, Agnes Virginia (I1789)
915 Bill Dyer left Tuesday for Pittsburgh, Pa. Dyer, William (I1175)
916 Billiards have again been revived. Chas. Morenus has rented the table, and yesterday opened business in the old post office building. Morenus, Charles W. (I1200)
917 Birdella was a school teacher, working in Camden and Oneida area schools. She retied at the age of 80.  Bevan, Birdella L. (I2713)
918 Blacksmith Burst expects to go to Durhamville to work some time this month. They are building another new factory there. Burst, Eugene (I581)
919 Blacksmith Burst expects to start Monday for Fayetteville, to work in a knife factory. Burst, Eugene (I581)
920 Blacksmith Burst gave three cheers when it was announced that the arrival at his home Thursday was a 9.5lb boy. Burst, Fredrick (I1334)
921 Blacksmith Burst has rented the shop on Railroad street that been occupied for some time by L. Riter. Burst, Eugene (I581)
922 Blacksmith Burst has secured a job at Constantia. Burst, Eugene (I581)
923 Blacksmith Burst is about to move into the "Caswell House" he thinks. Burst, Eugene (I581)
924 Blacksmith Burst is working for Daffler & Beardsley, Constantia. Burst, Eugene (I581)
925 Blacksmith Burst returned Wednesday afternoon. Burst, Eugene (I581)
926 Blacksmith Burst started Monday for Fayetteville. Burst, Eugene (I581)
927 Blacksmith Burst started Tuesday for Durhamville to go to work. Burst, Eugene (I581)
928 Blacksmith Tasker has placed feed boxes in his shop to accommodate teamsters who may want to feed their nags while waiting. Tasker, Edward (I367)
929 Blanche died giving birth to [her son Robert]. Wright, Blanche (I1381)
930 Blanche was about six years old when her mother died. She lived most of her married life in Erie County, New York. Schmidt, Blanche C. (I1396)
931 Bob retired, with thirty-six years of service, from the former Niagara-Mohawk Power Corporation, now known as National Grid ... he was a member of the Twenty-Five Year Club of National Grid. Light, Robert E. II (I2533)
932 Bonneau-Senical - At the Catholic Church, Cleveland, on Christmas day, by Rev. J.B. Green, Joseph Bonneau and Miss Clara Senical, both of Cleveland.  Family F433
933 Bookkeeper Earll piloted a party of the fair sex through the factory buildings, Wednesday evening, and very thoroughly and comprehensively elucidated the modus operandi of glass manufacture. Earll, Clement S. (I852)
934 Born in Du Bois, Pa., she also lived in Syracuse and the West Indies, before moving to Cleveland 44 years ago. Kessler, Dorothy J. (I2571)
935 Born in France but a British citizen. Schmidt, Louis (I4090)
936 Born in the O'Connor homestead, one mile east of Cleveland. O'Connor, Mary Ellen (I3774)
937 Both Catherine's parents were born in Ireland. Unknown, Catherine (I1274)
938 Both of Bridget's parents were born in Ireland. Unknown, Bridget (I471)
939 Both of Charles parents are from Germany. Fravor, Charles (I565)
940 Both of Nancy's parents are from Germany. Seamans, Nancy M. (I566)
941 Bronze Tablet on gravesite reads:

The graves of Captian & Adjutant George Marsden, personal friend and staff officer of General George Washington, who died Nov. 12, 1817, age 80 yrs., also his wife, Welmoth Lee of Virginia, sister of Richard Henry Lee, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, who died Jan. 31, 1850, age 93 yrs.

Captain Marsden resigned his rank in the British Army of Occupation, then stationed in Mass., and accepted an office in the American Colonial Army at the outbreak of the Rev. War. He fought at Bunker Hill and at all the battles of Mass. and Eastern New York. His conspicuous military brilliancy won his promotion in 1779 to the office of Adjustant on Gen. Washington's staff, remaining there about one year. They moved to the then forest wilds of Bernard's Bay, New York, and built their permanent home about 6-1/2 miles west of this plot. Their log cabin abode was honored in 1783 by a 3 day visit by President Washington when on his tour of inspection of the Central New York fortifications. 
Marsden, George (I2996)
942 Buried to the left of George Marsden in Eckel Cemetery, West Vienna, N.Y. Marsden, Mary (I3008)
943 Burst, the his smithy, lately left his immense "diamond" stud with Jeweler Duncan to repair. Besides locking it up in the combination burglar-proof safe, Irvine secured two or three extra savage bulldogs to keep guard in the store while the treasure was in his possession; and he declares that he wouldn't take such a risk again for a Shanksbush farm. Duncan, Irvine (I52)
944 Butch retired in 1999 as a laborer for Oneida Limited in Sherrill after over 40 years of service. Leonard, Melvin Howard (I2630)
945 By 1871, Oliver, a glass cutter like his father is in Cleveland NY where he is introduced to a beautiful young woman by a fellow glass worker. The woman?s name is Louisa Best. The two of them hit it off and are married in 1872 in Cleveland, NY. Family F270
946 By 1895 he owned and operated fifty acres of the homestead. Yale, Albert A. (I379)
947 By this time the economics were so bad in Alsace and the political atmosphere was ripe for yet another war that the family decided to get out of the line of fire. They traveled across country to Le Harve, France where they departed aboard the Iowa bound for America. The family disembarked at NYC on May 29, 1839. Lichteissen, Caroline (I17)
948 C. Crisping and C. Marble are cutting glass at Bridgeton, New Jersey. Crispin, Charles (I954)
949 C. Crisping and C. Marble are cutting glass at Bridgeton, New Jersey. Marble, Cyrus O. (I421)
950 C. Morenus's new residence moves forward rapidly. Morenus, Charles W. (I1200)

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