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2001 [Dillon] was ordained a minister in the Presbyterian church in 1844. Williams, Rev. Dillon (I293)
2002 [Doris] became organist at the church when her predecessor became ill and had to give up the job after 40 years. Someone had to play the organ, so Doris made a stab at it and, meanwhile, took a six-month course at St. Paul's Church, Oswego. Now she handles the job very well. Fitzpatrick, Doris (I3724)
2003 [Dorothy] taught youth ceramics classes in Cleveland. Kessler, Dorothy J. (I2571)
2004 [Edward] Tasker is negotiating for the purchase of the building where Houser has his shop. Tasker, Edward (I367)
2005 [Edward] Tasker is negotiating for the purchase of the building where Houser has his shop. Houser, John (I504)
2006 [Edward] was a Navy veteran of World War I and also served with the Marines in the West Indies. Whitham, Edward Joseph (I3846)
2007 [Elizabeth] was an active worker in the societies of St. Mary's Church in Cleveland for nearly a life time. Senecal, Elizabeth (I1553)
2008 [Eugene] was also the poormaster for the township of Constantia, which included Cleveland. In 1938 there was no welfare system, no Medicare, no Medicaid. But since there were many poor families in the area, we had instead a local poormaster. Dawley, Eugene (I2111)
2009 [Father Birmingham] was appointed assistant priest to Father Beacham of Rome, in January 1873, where he remained until November 1875. Birmingham, Rev. Patrick Joseph (I339)
2010 [Father Birmingham] was ordained in Maynooth Seminary, at the Pentecost ordination of 1872. He assisted Father Daly for a couple of months towards the end of that same year. Birmingham, Rev. Patrick Joseph (I339)
2011 [Florence] had been a clerk at Dey Bros. and E.W. Edwards department stores. Dunnigan, Florence Gazelle (I2722)
2012 [Frances] had always lived in [the Cleveland] vicinity but for the past few winters had been with her daughter, Mrs. Vern Watkins in Rochester. Cleveland, Frances Mary (I1668)
2013 [Frances] was born when her parents lived in the house now the residence of Charles A. Garlick on the Maple Flats road. Cleveland, Frances Mary (I1668)
2014 [Franklin] has had much experience as a hotel man and has conducted Lake Beach Hotel at Sylvan Beach, N.Y., for the past thirteen years. Stevens, Franklin (I308)
2015 [Franklin] was a representative to the Austrian government in the United States for many years, and was a personal friend of the Emperor Frans Joseph of Austria and received from him two of the highest honors in the gift of Austria, the Order of the Cross of Malta and the Order of Frans Joseph.

Dr. Kaufmann was Austrian consul in Central New York from 1890 until the World War, although he was a United States citizen. 
Kaufmann, Dr. Franklin J. (I2022)
2016 [Garritt] engaged in business in the town of Cleveland as a furniture dealer and undertaker. Audas, Garritt (I516)
2017 [Gasper and Louise Schmidt] lived on the corner of North and Kathern in the mid to late 1890s. Schmidt, Gasper (I1369)
2018 [Gasper and Louise Schmidt] lived on the corner of North and Kathern in the mide to late 1890s. Best, Louise (I1089)
2019 [George] removed to Camden, learned the trade of harnessmaking, and in 1853 located in Cleveland. Harding, George (I450)
2020 [George] worked at farming in early life. In 1849 he learned the trade as window glass flattener. In 1863 he came to the
United States, landed in Philadelphia, and engaged in the glass works as flattener at Winslow, N. J. From there he went to Boston and various places, where he followed his trade. In 1887 he came to Cleveland and nine months later removed to Bernhard's Bay, where he has since resided, employed most of the time in the glass works of this place. He has from all his former employers letters of the highest recommendation, characterizing his integrity and skill. 
Lydiatt, George (I2873)
2021 [Giles] served as supervisor in 1861, as collector, as one of the village trustees and as justice of the peace from 1864 until his death, April 26, 1878.  Lane, Giles Willlard (I733)
2022 [Gregory] was most recently employed as a truck driver for ABC Metal Roofing and previously worked for TMC Transportation. Gorski, Gregory P. (I4082)
2023 [Helena] was an avid reader and worked at the Constantia Library. Her birthday and anniversary card ministry to family and friends touched numerous lives each year. Manley, Helena A. (I2681)
2024 [Henry] enlisted August 25th, 1862 to serve three years as a private in Company H of the 110th Regt. New York volunteers at Oswego, N.Y., under Col. D.C. Littlejohn. He fought in many battles of the Civil War and was mustered out in Syracuse, N.Y. Sept. 8th, 1865, three years and six days after being mustered in. Griesmeyer, Henry Sr. (I122)
2025 [Herold and Emma] also had a little girl that died shortly after birth. Esther said she was allowed to name the baby, whom she did, naming her Meryl. Morse, Meryl (I1451)
2026 [Isaac was] a member of Cleveland M.E. Church, and very active in choir work here, being leader for several years. He was thoroughly liked and respected by everyone with whom he came in contact. Nickerson, Isaac T. (I1551)
2027 [Ivanore and Marion] operated a Stacy Basin farm until 1957 when they retired and moved near Unadilla Forks. Dillmann, Marion E. (I4072)
2028 [James H. Beebe] began life as a boatman at sixteen, and in 1866 he purchased a boat which he ran twelve years. Beebe, James H. (I763)
2029 [James] is a veteran of the World War. In July 1918 he enlisted in the United States Army and entered the ordinance department. He saw considerable service with his company in France.  Irish, James A. (I2509)
2030 [James] trained to build airfields and was assigned to the 803rd Engineers Battalion. He arrived in the Philippines in October 1941. The next April, Americans surrendered the islands to the Japanese. Records found by Jack Cottet say Jim Beebe was captured by the Japanese on April 9, 1942. On April 15, he was listed as ?missing in action.? Beebe, James H. (I2371)
2031 [Janette] was very much interested in the history of Cleveland and Central New York, recording and collecting articles and artifacts from the surrounding area. She was a member of various historical societies and was an amazing source of information, drawing from her extensive memory of past events. Dunnigan, Janette Virginia (I2351)
2032 [Jean Claude Schmidt and Jeanette Rang Schmidt] came from Rive de Gier, France. Family F349
2033 [Jennings] traveled by train across middle Europe to Czechoslovakia, where he continued to minister to demobilizing soldiers with the Y's mix of books, Bible passages, hot coffee, films and sports including the new game of basketball. Jennings, Asa Kent (I1407)
2034 [John] lived in Syracuse for 25 years. Bernhard, John Audas (I2181)
2035 [John] remained in Dr. Mores's family about three years, and was sent by him to Mr. Evart's Seminary, and to the Foreign Mission School, at Cornwall, Conn. While residing with Dr. Morse, he became a member of his church, and was engaged with his friend and class-mate, Rev. John Todd, D.D. of Pittsfield, Mass., in establishing Sabbath Schools in the neighboring towns. Taintor, Rev. John L. (I1480)
2036 [John] spent a few years in mercantile business, and then sold his place in Coxsackie, and emigrated in company with three other families to the western part of the State, to Cleveland, Oswego, Co., and located about two miles north of Oneida Lake, living the first season in a log house, in the midst of the forest.

The writer had the pleasure of spending several days at his humble but pleasant home in the winter of 1858. It commands a prospective view of the Lake, a young orchard and a forest of pine stumps, with the blue hills of Lawrence stretching far in the distance. 
Taintor, Rev. John L. (I1480)
2037 [John] was born in Cleveland and has lived there all his life, having been a boat captain on the old Erie Canal and a builder of boats in Cleveland before his retirement some years ago. Delahunt, John (I4151)
2038 [Joshua] finally went to Syracuse and died there. Randall, Joshua B. (I2869)
2039 [Judith's] mother was a Palmer, and one of the nine emigrants from England, who purchased a tract of land in Duchess County, and gave it the name of the "Nine Partners" Dean, Judith Ann (I1481)
2040 [Judith] was employed 30 years with the U.S. Postal Service and at the time of her death was a supervisor with its North Syracuse branch. Bitz, Judith Ann (I1897)
2041 [Julius and Lilly] celebrated their 56 year anniversary on Friday Oct. 22 1937 at the [M&E] church in Cleveland. They were married by Rev. Daniel Martin. Family F443
2042 [Lawrence] "Ransy" Buck, the famous Cleveland House hostler, does his "blowing" now at the glass works, and a gentleman of color officiates in his place at the hostelry. Buck, Lawrence (I1181)
2043 [Loren] was twice married ... Miss Nellie Matteson of Kasoag who survives with one son, Frederick Carroll by the first marriage. Carroll, Loren Wallace (I1227)
2044 [Marion and John] were married by the justice of the peace, Clayton Winn.  Family F514
2045 [Meryl] was buried in the Cole family section in the Cleveland Cemetery under a stone that says 'baby'. Morse, Meryl (I1451)
2046 [Nathan] came to Constantia about 1795 and cleared a farm. During the early days of his residence here he had many thrilling adventures on the lake, and in the woods with wild animals. He was noted for his daring and bravery.

On one occassion, about 1806, while on his way from the mill one evening with his horses and homemade jumper leigh, he was attacked by a small band of wolves. With his axe, he beat them off, but they would then get in front of his horse and stop it. This battle was renewed five times with the same results, until the wolves finally retreated with howls to gather reinforcements. Mr. Beebe knowing their nature made all possible haste towards home, and scarcely reached his destination when the wolves appeared in large numbers, but he was safe in his cabin home.

On the evening of May 10, 1827, he with six other men started to paddle a flat boat loaded with lumber across Oneida Lake from Cleveland to South Bay, at midnight, when about half way across, a storm arose and the waves washed the lumber into the lake. He and a man by the name of Cummings were washed off on seven planks. It was a cold night and six inches of snow fell; their sufferings were intense. After struggling about hopelessly with the waves, Mr. Cummings became chilled and weak and Mr. Beebe, being a very large and powerful man of wonderful endurance and endowed by nature with great will power, succeeded in getting his comrade under one arm, while with the other he held the planks together. In this way he battled with the waves for their lives. At about four o'clock in the morning, they drifted ashore, poor Cummings still grasped in the strong arm of Mr. Beebe, but not being able to withstand the extreme exposure had expired him an hour before. 
Beebe, Nathan (I1496)
2047 [Nehemiah Carroll]'s third wife is Olive, daughter of George Morse of Cleveland, by whom he has one child, Ezra, born in February, 1891. Carroll, Ezra (I2872)
2048 [Oscar Bristol] died Monday night at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ethel Beebe, 219 East Railroad St., after a long illness. Bristol, Oscar G. (I2208)
2049 [Peter] had for many years made it a point of his special business to go down very early every spring on the Hudson River to catch shad, where he owned all the necessary fishing [apparatus] but for the last eight or ten years, his advanced age and family requirements kept him at home. Feeler, Peter P. (I1650)
2050 [Ransom D. Piersall] was twice married and is survived by a widow, a daughter, Mrs. T. Burke, and four grandchildren of Buffalo, NY; four brothers and two sisters, Samuel, Abram, and Mrs. Ella J. Morse of this place, Truman and Mrs. A.J. Mickle of Oneida, and William of Canastota. Piersall, Ransom D. (I672)

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