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1751 Much sympathy is expressed to the [Bitz] family as it will be recalled that their flat in Lake street was ruined by smoke and water in October and they were not able to occupy it again until New Year's day, when they again took possession. Bitz, Joseph (I1512)
1752 N. Leonard moved Thursday to Constantia. Leonard, Noel (I2984)
1753 N. Leonard, the knitting manufacturer, will open a store for the sale of dry goods and dress goods, chiefly, at Bernhard's Bay, about the 1st of February. The building, owned by John Bernhard is being got ready. Leonard, Noel (I2984)
1754 Napoleon Goman, an old-time Clevelander, has been appointed to sit on the bench at Fulton. The bench is in Nettleton's shoe store. Gomon, Napoleon (I1751)
1755 Neal is Catherine's potential maiden name. She is living with Bridget Neal in 1860, who may be her mother. Neal, Catherine (I3511)
1756 Neal may be Bridget's maiden name. She is noted as living with the Hennessey family in 1860. I believe she may be Catherine's mother. Neal, Bridget (I3512)
1757 Nearly all the carpenters in town are employed on Morenus's house. Morenus, Eugene (I2707)
1758 Ned Sherman, President of Cleveland village, wears his honors becomingly, and pursues his avocations of barber, whitewasher, and carpet duster, as usual. Sherman, Edward (I464)
1759 Nehemiah left home at the age of twenty-two and began farming. In 1863 he came to Constantia and followed the butcher business in Cleveland. Carroll, Nehemiah A. (I2243)
1760 Nellie's father was David C. Mahaffy. He and his wife lived in the Pulaski area.

David F. Mahaffy died in April 1933 in Proctor, Vermont. David F. may have been Nellie's brother. 
Mahaffy, Nellie F. (I1453)
1761 Nicholas Bradshaw and Miss Laura Andrus were married last Sunday. The Press extends congratulations. Family F466
1762 Nick Bradshaw started up another row with his wife, Tuesday, and after making some ugly threats, started off eastward along the RR track. He has not been seen since. Family F466
1763 Nick Bradshaw this week moved his family to Oneida. Bradshaw, Nicholas (I557)
1764 Nick Bradshaw was brought up before his Honor, Justice Audas, Thursday, on a charge of assault and battery, preferred by his wife, who alleged that Nick had laid violent hands upon her, besides making serious threats. Lawyer Wilder appeared for the prosecution, and lawyer Gallagher for the defense. Nick demanded a jury trial, and constable Collier started in pursuit of an intelligent six. His efforts to capture a jury were considerably amusing. He chased Ed. Hoose for over a quarter of a mile, and finally collared him; he caught Libby biding behind his counter, but missed Alger, who was doing the same thing behind his counter; he then ___ up along the lake shore and nabbed "Daddy" Knights before he could flee; he went up to capture W. Whaley, who seeing him coming, got down in his cistern, and after exploring the premises, Collier left. A jury was finally secured, and embraced the following: Wm. Foster, Jr., Chas. G. Long, Abner Knights, Mead Carpenter, S. Drum, C.R. King. The case was clearly proven against Nick, and the jury found him guilty, but recommended the court to suspend sentences during good behavior; and the Justice, after giving the prisoner some good advice, released him. Family F466
1765 Nick Bradshaw, while gathering glass at the Cleveland glass works, yesterday morning, considerably burned both of his hands. Bradshaw, Nicholas (I557)
1766 Nick Fitzpatrick, of post-hole fame, fills a position of deputy-assistant, such as stuffing straw ticks, etc. at the Globe Hotel. Fitzpatrick, Nicholas (I928)
1767 Niece of William Gallagher. Daverin, Louise (I2034)
1768 Niece to William Gallagher. Daverin, Leona (I2033)
1769 No Grave Maker, Section 53, Plot 42 Nipling, Flora S. (I1911)
1770 No Grave Marker, Section 51, Plot 138 Stinger, Henry C. (I1912)
1771 No Grave Marker, Section 51, Plot 138 Stinger, Laura G. (I1913)
1772 No Grave Marker, Section 53, Plot 42 Stinger, Lewis F. (I1910)
1773 No Headstone. Likely buried with infant daughter and first wife. Cleveland, Bylington (I1669)
1774 North Bay - David G. Wright, 22, of North Street Cleveland, was killed early Sunday when thrown from his car after it went off Route 49, State Police reported. Knight, David G. (I1881)
1775 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4230)
1776 Noted in the same class of pledges into Delta Chi was fellow Cleveland resident Richard F. Klix. Gallagher, Francis James (I74)
1777 NY TEC 5 Ransom, Herbert E. (I2782)
1778 O.N. Ingraham has retired from the position of foreman of the tannery. Ingraham, O. N. (I758)
1779 Obituary: Miss Julia A. Earll
Death released Miss Julia A. Earll from her suffering at 2 o'clock last Saturday afternoon. Her disease was consumption, contracted from a cold seven months ago. She had reached the age of 21 years 8 months, and was of a bright, cheerful, winning nature - an accomplished and worthy young woman,, whose loss gave pain to the whole community. The funeral services were held at the house Tuesday, Rev. Wm. Long, of the Episcopal Church, officiating, and was largely attended. The casket and trimmings were very fine, and the floral offerings profuse and beautiful. 
Earll, Julia A. (I855)
1780 Occupation listed on his death certificate was that of glass cutter. Griesmeyer, John Wickham (I3679)
1781 Of the twenty-one children born to them but five are living. Thomas of Schenectady, Edward and Hernard of this place, Joseph W. of Herkimer and Alonso J. of New York. There are fourteen grandchildren, all of whom, with the exception of a baby grandchild, were present at the celebration. Family F1175
1782 Oliver Getman of Fulton county will soon remove here, and assist his brother, Crawford around the factory. He will reside in Mr. Getman's residence. Getman, Oliver (I1612)
1783 Oliver was associated with his brother, Crawford Getman, for many year and did considerable traveling and sales work on his behalf. He became very wealthy in his own right. Getman, Oliver (I1612)
1784 On arrival I find Louisa has a suitor. She and he have known each other for a good long time, living next door to each other when she was a teenager on Center Street and he 8 years her junior. Well, well. Who is this, none other than Charles Edward Ladue? All grown up now, he is a long time Cleveland resident and another glass factory worker. Family F392
1785 On Easter-day, March 28th, at the residence of C.R. King, by the Rev. Wm. Long, Eugene Morenus, of Cleveland, and Miss Maria E. VanBlarcom, of West Virginia, formerly of Patterson, N.J.

A novel and pleasing episode was introduced into the midst of the ceremony. When the question was asked: "Who giveth this woman to be married to this man?", the mother of the bride stepped forward, and taking the bride's hand, said: "I give Maria to Eugene; and may the white-winged angel of peace hover over you both every hour in the future - every hour in earthly life, so that you may both be ready, when the gate shall open, to enter into that brighter and better state of existence beyond this earthly life."

About twenty relatives and friends of the couple witnessed the ceremony, after which a beautiful feast was partaken of, and a pleasant time followed. 
Family F386
1786 On Friday afternoon at a hospital in Rome occurred the death of Harry Duncan, a former Camdenite, but of late residing in Cleveland, N.Y. Death was due to heart trouble from which Mr. Duncan had suffered for a number of years. He entered the hospital August 29th.

[Harry] is the last survivor of the family except a sister, by adoption, who now resides in Syracuse. 
Duncan, Harry (I4157)
1787 On July 16th, 1863, they were married in Camden by Rev. John Ludden, there then being no resident pastor of the Catholic Church in Cleveland. Family F1175
1788 On June 3, 1882, Garrett begins working part time at the Cheap Cash Store in Cleveland. A week later, on June 10th, the store invests in a peddler?s cart and Garrett is sent off ?to scour the country for eggs, etc.? for resale in the store. That same month, on June 24th, the store comes under new management and on July 1st, Libby, the former store manager takes ?a sudden departure? opening the door for an advancement opportunity for Mr. Smith. Smith, Garrett (I2820)
1789 On March 7, 1892, George Harding resigned as president and Mr. Gallagher was elected to the position. Gallagher, James L. (I68)
1790 On March 9, 1989, Mr. Gallagher resigned and George Harding was chosen president. He served until G.W. Morenus' election in June of 1889. However, on January 7, 1890, G.W. Morenus resigned and Mr. Harding was again elected president.

On May 4, 1891, Mr. Morenus resigned and George Baker was chosen trustee to fill the vacancy.

On March 7, 1892, George Harding resigned as president and Mr. Gallagher was elected to the position. 
Harding, George (I450)
1791 On March 9, 1989, Mr. Gallagher resigned and George Harding was chosen president. He served until G.W. Morenus' election in June of 1889. However, on January 7, 1890, G.W. Morenus resigned and Mr. Harding was again elected president.

On May 4, 1891, Mr. Morenus resigned and George Baker was chosen trustee to fill the vacancy. 
Morenus, Granville W. (I612)
1792 On May 2, 1917 William Gifford died leaving an estate in the extraordinary sum of $1.25 million. Unbeknownst to Rosamond, William had signed a will in 1915 giving his estate in trust for ten years to the Trust and Deposit Company of Onondaga. Rosamond contested the Will based on the agreement that her father entered into with her ... After several years of litigation, the Onondaga County Surrogate?s Court decided in Rosamond?s favor. The entire estate would pass to Rosamond Gifford outright. Gifford, Rosamond (I2687)
1793 On Monday evening of last week, Rev. Daniel Marvin, Jr., of Hannibal (formerly of Cleveland), was agreeably surprised by a company numbering nearly two hundred, who assembled at his residence, the occasion being the anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin's silver wedding. A poem suitable for the occasion was read, a band furnished music, various refreshments were served, and presents of the value of over $100 were given. It was a very enjoyable event. Family F320
1794 On motion of Trustee Grismyer-Resolved, that Article VI of the By-Laws of the Village of Cleveland be amended so as to read as follow: "No person shall keep any billboard tables in said village of Cleveland, except by permission of a majority of the Trustees of the village of Cleveland." Adopted.

On motion by Trustee Tasker-Resolved, That John Best be permitted to keep and run a billiard table or tables in the village of Cleveland for the coming year. Adopted. 
Best, John (I1087)
1795 On September 8, 1902- Herbert was shot by Orson Morenus who had mistaken him for a deer while on a hunting trip. Wounds were not fatal. Short, Herbert Allan (I2811)
1796 On Thursday last, at the residence of Mr. Patten, William E. Caswell was married to Miss Marion A. Patten. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J.W. Roberts, of Delta, assisted by Rev. W.S. Titus, of this place.  Family F864
1797 On Wednesday, October 14, he attended a supper at App's Hall and while returning home fell and this hastened his death. Bitz, Lorenzo F. (I1575)
1798 One child died in infancy, but no other information is known at this time. Family F100
1799 Opened May 7, 1889, Hotel Getman was located on a small hill at Center and Main Street overlooking Oneida Lake. It was destroyed by fire on July 26, 1896. For it's time it was well known and contained 37 large, handsomely furnished rooms, steam heat and all modern conveniences. Getman, Crawford (I1110)
1800 Operator Whitney is constructing a telegraph line between the depot and his residence. Whitney, Albert C. (I1343)

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