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1701 Recipient, North Shore Citizen Award Tufts, Charles Leonard (I1664)
1702 Referee Sanders yesterday granted a decree of divorce in the suit brought by Mrs. Wm. Gwyn against her husband. Lawyer Wilder conducted the case for plaintiff. This case is probably the quickest that ever went through Court, the whole matter from beginning to end July occupying about 30 days. Family F131
1703 Referred to as "Hannah" in the 1850 census. Foster, Anna (I47)
1704 Residing with the Getsinger family according to the 1860 census. Putnam, Veal (I3543)
1705 Retired after almost 30 years of service. Taylor, Robert J. (I2247)
1706 Retired in 1985. Steele, Stuart A. (I2831)
1707 Rev. Brook Ed. Bridges officiating. Foster, William H. (I41)
1708 Rev. Charles W. MacNish, who has been for thirty-six years the rector of Christ church, Willard, has found it necessary to retire from the active duties of his pastorate because of a recent severe illness, which has left him unable to attend to the multitudious duties pertaining to the office.

This mission was founded by him in 1878 and in the first eight years the services were held regularly at private residences until the completion of the church, which was erected and consecrated in 1886. The facilities for parish work were much augmented by the erection of a commodious parish house in 1907, the funds for which were largely secured through the untiring zeal and energy of the rector. 
Macnish, Rev. Charles Warrington (I2027)
1709 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4139)
1710 Richard died at Oneida Healthcare Center after years of failing health. Darling, Rev. Richard J. (I351)
1711 Richard grew up next to Frazer Park on the west side of Syracuse. Parzych, Richard A. (I3999)
1712 Richard served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War including a deployment to Japan. Parzych, Richard A. (I3999)
1713 Richard volunteered many hours putting on clam bakes, chicken BBQs and pig roasts with his cooking equipment to benefit local community organizations. He also helped raise money for the Veteran's Memorial at Webb Park and maintained the grounds while he was still able. He was a member of the Cleveland American Legion, Post 858 and a life member of Trach-Auringer VFW in Constantia. Griesmeyer, Richard F. (I3818)
1714 Richard was a life long resident of the Cleveland area. For the six years before his death, he lived with his daughter in North Bay. Darling, Rev. Richard J. (I351)
1715 Richard worked at Roy Stanley for 35 years. Harvey, Richard P. (I3200)
1716 Rita was a member of the Organist Guild and retired from St. Mary's and St. Bernadette's church at 88 years old. Metayer, Rita A. (I1882)
1717 Robert Glahn is spending a few days furlough with his family in this village. He is located at Camp Croft, N.C. Glahn, Robert (I3772)
1718 Robert may also have gone under "Henry" as supported in detail by David Fiske in his article noted in this citation. It may also be that Robert's middle name is Henry, which he may have preferred in social circles. Feeler, Robert H. (I1701)
1719 Robert N. Mathison, aged 15 years, son of the former Rector of St. James Church in this village, died on the 9th of the present month, at Antwerp, Jefferson Co., after an illness of a year. Mathison, Robert N. (I494)
1720 Robert worked at General Electric for 44 years after leaving military service. Schmidt, Robert J. (I1386)
1721 Robert's mother died giving birth to Robert. He was raised by Frank and Maude Griesmeyer on Center Street, Cleveland, Oswego, New York. Schmidt, Robert J. (I1386)
1722 Rosamond passed away at University Hospital on April 15, 1953 ? the irony of dying on tax day would not have been lost on a woman who regularly made her tax checks payable to the ?Infernal? Revenue Service. Rosamond?s Will was dated July 31, 1952. The great bulk of her wealth was to be directed to an organization formed exclusively for ?religious, educational, scientific, charitable or benevolent uses known as the Rosamond Gifford Charitable Corporation.? Gifford, Rosamond (I2687)
1723 Rosamond was sent off to a boarding school in Wellesley, Massachusetts. There she met an older man who called himself Fred LaFayette, but whose real name was LaJeunesse. LaJeunesse was a professional railroad gambler. They lived together for a time and, in 1895, when Rosamond was twenty-two, she married Fred. To add further intrigue, she married under the assumed name ?Violette LaVigne.?  Family F785
1724 Rosannah along with her sister Catherine both inherited money from their father's estate. Mulholland, Rosannah (I1637)
1725 S.H. Whaley started Monday morning for Iowa. Whaley, Seymour H. (I2920)
1726 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4076)
1727 Salutorian, Rambler Staff, Dramatics, Treasurer of Senior Class Beebe, Dorothy Marie (I3726)
1728 Sands Charles Barrett was born November 5, 1960, in Syracuse, New York and died shortly after his birth. He was the fourth child, and only son, of Sands Forman Barrett and Elva May Larkin Barrett. He was predeceased by two older infant sisters and survived by his sister Dawn Holly Barrett. He was the grandson of Charles Ezra and Eva L. Barrett, whom he is buried with, and Roy Kibbe and Cora May Larkin. (bio by: Dawn Barrett)  Barrett, Sands Charles (I2137)
1729 Sarah died at the home of her son, Levi Beebe, 745 Schuyler street, Utica, died, advanced in years. She had been confined to her bed about six weeks. Turner, Sarah (I4164)
1730 Schoolmaster Bly has been engaged to teach the Central Square school the fall term. Bly, Tracy D. (I1297)
1731 Schoolmaster Bly left town this morning for a two week's vacation. Bly, Tracy D. (I1297)
1732 Secretary of Senior Class, Editor-in-Chief of the Rambler, Dramatics Gilbert, Ruth Gladys (I2966)
1733 Section 20, Lot 51 Kimball, Eugene (I1079)
1734 Section 20, Lot 51 S 1/2 Holden, Myrtle Mariah (I4103)
1735 Section 51, Lot 17 Eaton, Deborah (I2360)
1736 Section C-629 Kimball, Lizzie Mae (I1076)
1737 Selina's death certificate gives her father's name: John Gouchie. He would have to be born close to 1800. Her mother's name was unknown. She died 25 Nov 1909. Gouchie, Celina (I1014)
1738 Senior class historian Bortle, Frederick (I3743)
1739 Senior class President Glahn, Robert (I3772)
1740 Senior class secretary-treasurer Emmons, Elizabeth (I3747)
1741 Senior class vice-president Schmidt, Margret C. (I1385)
1742 September 1894 Attended the Democratic Convention held in Pulaski, Oswego Co, NY Townsend, Dexter Van (I888)
1743 Served as a medic, 2nd Platoon, Troop D, 94th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, 14th Armored Division. Tufts, Charles Leonard (I1664)
1744 Served as assistant to Rev. E.H. Coley, D.D. Macnish, Rev. George Herbert (I2019)
1745 Services were held at Eva's Lake Street residence. The Rev. E. Rugby Auer, pastor of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Syracuse, officiated. Weber, Eva (I3)
1746 Services were held at St. Mary's Church, Cleveland, New York. Schmidt, Charles (I1374)
1747 Services were held on [] in the Trinity Episcopal Church of Syracuse. Requiem celebration of Holy Communion took place at noon. The celebrant was the Rt. Rev. Malcolm E. Peabody, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York, assisted by the Rt. Rev. Walter M. Higley suffragan bishop of the diocese and the Rev. Claude H. Leyfield, rector of Trinity Episcopal church of Syracuse. Macnish, Rev. George Herbert (I2019)
1748 Seth Duncan has improved the appearance of his premises, by cutting down those over grown balsam trees, which stood in front of his house. Duncan, Seth P. (I440)
1749 Seymour H. Whaley expects to leave here on Monday for Pomeroy, Iowa, where he has made arrangements to go into the mercantile business. For a young man he has shown much ability while engaged in business here, and we anticipate that he will build up a successful business in his Western home. Whaley, Seymour H. (I2920)
1750 Seymour Whaley has gone to Eastman College, Poughkeepsie Whaley, Seymour H. (I2920)

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