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1651 Melvin Bristol and brother Will will leave for the west Thursday where they are to work in the glass works until the new factory being built here is completed, after which they will return home and work here. Bristol, Melvin (I1060)
1652 Melvin Bristol and brother Will will leave for the west Thursday where they are to work in the glass works until the new factory being built here is completed, after which they will return home and work here. Bristol, William (I1059)
1653 Middle name is a remembrance of one of his deceased grandmother's brother. Cole, Charles Josiah (I1444)
1654 Mike Heuneay leaves Monday for St. Louis, where he expected to
blow glow during the coming season. 
Hennessey, Michael (I248)
1655 Miller, the barber, has purchased of M.D. Alger the house where Stinson resides. Miller, Motts (I2972)
1656 Milt. Bedell has engaged to do factory work. Bedell, Milton J. (I1335)
1657 Miss Amy M. Will, graduate of C.H.S. 1897, becomes legal student in the office of Attorney James H. Gallagher, Cleveland. Will, Amy M. (I1408)
1658 Miss Amy Will and Asa Kent Jennings were married at the home of the bride's parents. Family F362
1659 Miss Anne Keogh is doing embroidery work at Syracuse. Keogh, Annie G. (I322)
1660 Miss Carrie Landgraff, who has been teaching in Minnesota the past four years, came home last week. Landgraff, Caroline (I98)
1661 Miss Florence Mulholland, 52, prominent concert contraito and a former resident of Whitesboro was found dead in her North Bay home Saturday morning by Leo Kinney, a boarder in her home.

Neighbors reported that Miss Mulholland had been ill lately and had suffered several heart attacks. 
Mulholland, Florence A. (I1567)
1662 Miss Julia Kime, died Wednesday afternoon, aged 21 years, after a lingering illness, of consumption. She was an estimable young lady, whose loss is greatly deplored. Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 1 o'clock from the house. Kime, Julia (I648)
1663 Miss Julia Robus left Tuesday afternoon for Hamilton, N.Y., where she secured a position. Robus, Julia M. (I393)
1664 Miss Leona Daverin of Cleveland was married Saturday morning to Cyril K. Tucker of Massena. Family F1198
1665 Miss Louisa Dunham and Eugene Lansing, of West Vienna, were married Jan. 1st, by Rev. Johnson. Family F755
1666 Miss Mabel Beach of Cleveland, N.Y., is to teach the Washington Ave. school in Oneida next year. Beach, Mabel (I2131)
1667 Miss Mary Bitz had engaged to teach school in the Lockerby district, and Miss Nellie Schraa at Maple Flats. Bitz, Mary L. (I1530)
1668 Miss Mulholland attained prominence in New York, where she was a soloist at Dr. Parkes Cadman's church ... She was a member of the original Roxy gang, and had sung on many of the opening programs of radio stations, including WGY, Schenectady.

For three successive years she won the All-American contest as the contralto on the air in a coast-to-coast hookup.

She was on of the leading American authorities on Scottish folk music.

She was a soloist at Chinatown Mission and soloist over the Blue and Red networks and many other station of the National Broadcasting Company.

She had sung in concerts in Philadelphia, Toronto, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Detroit and other large cities in the United States and Canada.

Since retiring from the concert stage she had sung at various concerts at Sheerrill and elsewhere in this area. 
Mulholland, Florence A. (I1567)
1669 Miss Nina Foster is recovering in Broadstreet Hospital, Oneida, from an operation for appendicitis. Foster, Nina (I2044)
1670 Miss Sadie Bonneau has a position as stenographer in the law office of James and William Gallagher. Bonneau, Satie A. (I1624)
1671 Miss Sarah Hamilton: Miss Sarah Hamilton, oldest daughter of Lyman and Jane Hamilton, died at her home in Syracuse, Monday, Sept. 5th, of consumption, aged 31 years, 4 months and 19 days. She had been sick for nearly two years, and though it was known she could not recover, yet her death was not thought so near - Deceased was a lady respected far and wide for many noble qualities. The remains were brought on here by the train Thursday afternoon, and funeral services were held at the M.E. Church conducted by Rev. Daniel Marvin, Jr. Hamilton, Sarah J. (I2464)
1672 Misses Phoebe and Clara Morse returned Tuesday night, from the Adirondacks, where they have been since August getting the mountain air, for the benefit of Miss Clara's health. We are pleased to note that she has been greatly benefited. Morse, Clara E. (I1323)
1673 Misses Phoebe and Clara Morse returned Tuesday night, from the Adirondacks, where they have been since August getting the mountain air, for the benefit of Miss Clara's health. We are pleased to note that she has been greatly benefited. Morse, Phoebe (I1322)
1674 Morenus has moved into the new house lately built for him. Morenus, Eugene (I2707)
1675 Morenus is surrounding his house with a new fence. Morenus, Eugene (I2707)
1676 Mose P. Robare of Ausable Forks takes over the theater business in Cleveland, N.Y., succeeding Clarence E. Taylor, proprietor for nearly three years. Robare, Moses (I2053)
1677 Mother of three children, two living in 1900.
[S. Griffiths - February 2010] 
Cleveland, Mariette (I1874)
1678 Motts, the barber, expects to open a bollard room next Monday. Miller, Motts (I2972)
1679 Motts, the barber, has removed his shop from the Globe Hotel to the Stevens building; where he has also put in a billiard table, and has fitted up a convenient and pleasant place. Miller, Motts (I2972)
1680 Mr. Abbott was a blacksmith and lived in Elpis, Bernhard's Bay and Constantia Centre. Abbott, Alvin Erastus (I1416)
1681 Mr. Abbott was a blacksmith and lived in Pompey, Cuba, Dankin's Bay, Cleveland, Constantia, and finally Bernhard's Bay, N.Y. Abbott, Leonard (I1414)
1682 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cottet have moved to the flat over their store on Lake Street. Cottet, Arthur (I2303)
1683 Mr. and Mrs. F. Barton of Syracuse have moved on the Joe Bitz place. Barton, F. (I4195)
1684 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ransom have aold their home [on December 1946] on Center Street to William Pierce of [Cleveland]. Ransom, Herbert E. (I2782)
1685 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Morenus have moved here from Durhamville and will occupy their old home on Caswell street. Morenus, Walter C. (I1202)
1686 Mr. and Mrs. William Fitzpatrick left this week for Port Allegany, where he is to be employed in the glass factory. Fitzpatrick, William V. (I1630)
1687 Mr. Cleveland possessed indomitable enterprise and rare native ability. In 1827 a post-office was established and Mr. Stevens wanted it named Stevensville. A compromise was effected, which was ratified by popular vote, which resulted in designating the office Cleveland and appointing Samuel Highly Stevens the first postmaster. In this manner, the post-office and village acquired the present name. Cleveland, James (I10)
1688 Mr. Deans was engaged in the undertaking and furniture business for many years and since he became too feeble to attend to these duties his son, Thomas, has had charge of the business. He was a man of honesty and integrity and had won a wide circle of friends who learn of his death with sadness. Deans, John (I353)
1689 Mr. Drum has become well known in Oswego, Oneida and Madison counties in Masonic circles. He has been called upon by numerous lodges to give the charge in the third degree ceremonies. Drum, Clinton H. (I1179)
1690 Mr. Duhamel was born in Flint, Mich., November 3O,1872, but had spent most of his life in Oswego county. Duhamel, James L. (I3762)
1691 Mr. Eaton retired in 1937 after 31 years as rural mail carrier. Eaton, Arthur C. (I3793)
1692 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I995)
1693 Mr. Esty was a native of Cleveland, N.Y. and his life has been chiefly spent along the north shore of Oneida Lake. He had been a resident of North Bay for twenty of more years. Este, Charles (I4013)
1694 Mr. Esty was a painter by trade and while working on a house in North Bay fell and sustained the injury from which he never recovered. Este, Charles (I4013)
1695 Mr. Getman moved to Cleveland in 1858 to accept a job as bookkeeper for Union Glass Works at age 25. He would remain in this position until September 1, 1863, when Getman, William Foster, Forrest Farmer, and H.J. Caswell formed the firm of Caswell and Company. Getman, Crawford (I1110)
1696 Mr. Gorton was three times married. His third wife was formerly Ms. Julia Gibbons, whom he married fourty-four years ago. Family F1178
1697 Mr. Jackson was a master carpenter and had built many homes in Cleveland and on the north side of Oneida Lake. He retired from work in 1934. Jackson, John G. (I2309)
1698 Mr. John Kimme was married to Miss Etta Drum on Wednesday the 1st, at Camden; nevertheless the happy occurrence was not generally known until nearly a week afterwards. John concluded to take his happiness and congratulations in separate doses, and succeeded admirably.

The bridegroom is a jolly, good-hearted fellow, esteemed by a large circle of acquaintances, is a good glass blower and industrious. The bride is one of the classiest young ladies of our, or any other village, both in face and in form. Her good-hearted, jovial, manner attracts friends, and her sweet disposition binds them indissolubly to her.

We see nothing in their conjugal path but that which the Press wishes them ... all happiness and prosperity. 
Family F748
1699 Mr. Kime was a glass worker by trade, having worked in many of the Pennsylvania and Cleveland Factories. Kime, Charles (I177)
1700 Mr. Knight graduated from the old Home Academy, his father was a carpenter and he worked with him most mornings and evenings, he studied civil engineering and became most proficient and he had been engaged in that line for 50 years and in that time probably had as many in not more contracts than any civil engineer in the United States, having planned and supervised construction of over 50 large water works and sewer systems in different states. Among the water plants built by him were those in Rome, Schenectady, N.Y, Altoona, Uniontown, Scotdale, Greensburg all in Pennsylvania and many others. He also built the sewer system for this city and his company completed plans for a sewer disposal plant for Rome. Knight, Charles William (I194)

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