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1601 Mr. Esty was a native of Cleveland, N.Y. and his life has been chiefly spent along the north shore of Oneida Lake. He had been a resident of North Bay for twenty of more years. Este, Charles (I4013)
1602 Mr. Esty was a painter by trade and while working on a house in North Bay fell and sustained the injury from which he never recovered. Este, Charles (I4013)
1603 Mr. Getman moved to Cleveland in 1858 to accept a job as bookkeeper for Union Glass Works at age 25. He would remain in this position until September 1, 1863, when Getman, William Foster, Forrest Farmer, and H.J. Caswell formed the firm of Caswell and Company. Getman, Crawford (I1110)
1604 Mr. Gorton was three times married. His third wife was formerly Ms. Julia Gibbons, whom he married fourty-four years ago. Family F1178
1605 Mr. Jackson was a master carpenter and had built many homes in Cleveland and on the north side of Oneida Lake. He retired from work in 1934. Jackson, John G. (I2309)
1606 Mr. John Kimme was married to Miss Etta Drum on Wednesday the 1st, at Camden; nevertheless the happy occurrence was not generally known until nearly a week afterwards. John concluded to take his happiness and congratulations in separate doses, and succeeded admirably.

The bridegroom is a jolly, good-hearted fellow, esteemed by a large circle of acquaintances, is a good glass blower and industrious. The bride is one of the classiest young ladies of our, or any other village, both in face and in form. Her good-hearted, jovial, manner attracts friends, and her sweet disposition binds them indissolubly to her.

We see nothing in their conjugal path but that which the Press wishes them ... all happiness and prosperity. 
Family F748
1607 Mr. Kime was a glass worker by trade, having worked in many of the Pennsylvania and Cleveland Factories. Kime, Charles (I177)
1608 Mr. Knight graduated from the old Home Academy, his father was a carpenter and he worked with him most mornings and evenings, he studied civil engineering and became most proficient and he had been engaged in that line for 50 years and in that time probably had as many in not more contracts than any civil engineer in the United States, having planned and supervised construction of over 50 large water works and sewer systems in different states. Among the water plants built by him were those in Rome, Schenectady, N.Y, Altoona, Uniontown, Scotdale, Greensburg all in Pennsylvania and many others. He also built the sewer system for this city and his company completed plans for a sewer disposal plant for Rome. Knight, Charles William (I194)
1609 Mr. Landgraff was one of the best glass blowers in the business but of late his health had been poor. Landgraff, Charles (I85)
1610 Mr. Robert Roberts of Cleveland, N.Y., is sailing for a winter's visit in North Wales with his mother. His wife is to be in Utica during his absence. Roberts, Robert (I3856)
1611 Mr. Robert Roberts of Cleveland, N.Y., is sailing for a winter's visit in North Wales with his mother. His wife is to be in Utica during his absence. Mayo, Unknown (I3857)
1612 Mr. Soule died at his winter home in St. Augustine after a year of failing health. His son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar F. Soule, were at this bedside. Soule, Frank Channing (I20)
1613 Mr. Taintor is short in stature, with curly iron-gray hair, but not bald, and though 60 years of age, he is active as any young man that we ever saw, performing whatever he does with a sort of steel-trap accompaniment, which peculiarity it is understood extends to his sermons, his bearers seldom indulging in sleep. Taintor, Rev. John L. (I1480)
1614 Mr. Westcott says his father worked on the barn during its construction, mixing cement and carrying it in hods over his shoulder, up ladders to heights from ten to fifty feet; that he worked ten hours a day, and hard, six days a week for $1.50 a day or $9 a week.

At the time of acquisition in 1928, the stock market was booming. ?? the Westcott family, of local origin, hoped to turn the property into a rich man?s playground in the 1920s. They wanted to set up riding stables and a golf course ? ? Unfortunately, the U.S. economy was swept into the Great Depression after the Wall Street crash of 1929, halting the Westcott family?s resort plans. 
Westcott, Eugene A. Sr. (I1649)
1615 Mr. Widrick participated in engagements such as the Battle of the Wilderness, Reams Station, Monkey River, the occupation of Fort Hell and Fort Damnation and Peach Orchard. In addition, he saw the assassination of President Lincoln and participated in the hunt and capture of Booth while in service. Widrick, William Edward (I1775)
1616 Mr. Widrick, with Frank England of Syracuse, who died [abt. 1957] and a few other soldiers, was in the balcony of Ford's Theater in the brilliant audience of the hectic post-war days. Widrick, William Edward (I1775)
1617 Mr. Will ... came to Cleveland where he built the canning factory which he had since operated, and since 1898, in partnership with his son-in-law, Byron M. Sixberry. Will, David N. (I2066)
1618 Mr. Yale has been prominently identified with the political
affairs of his town, and filled the office of poormaster five years and assessor eight years. 
Yale, Albert A. (I379)
1619 Mrs. A.S. Potter talks of moving to Rome. Dutton, Altay (I500)
1620 Mrs. Adelaide Harding, wife of Charles F. Harding, died Monday at her home in Cleveland. The husband and two daughters, Lena and Ethel Harding, survive. Unknown, Adelaide A. (I2468)
1621 Mrs. Andrew Allen died Tuesday afternoon at her home in this village, aged 65. She had suffered a long while and her death had been expected for several days. Rogers, Julia A. (I2192)
1622 Mrs. Auborn was a life resident of Cleveland. She retired in January [1993] after 10 years as Cleveland village clerk. Houser, Betty M. (I3767)
1623 Mrs. Barry, of Lackawanna, died Thursday in the East Amherst home of her niece, Nancy King, after a long illness. She was 87. Schmidt, Blanche C. (I1396)
1624 Mrs. Beebe and her husband were among the early settlers of this vicinity and helped clear up what is now known as Beebe-Town. Philipps, Christina (I1500)
1625 Mrs. Catherine L. Hoose died yesterday morning at 2 o'clock, at the age of 60 years. Two weeks ago, she was attacked with a stroke of paralysis (the fourth shock she had sustained), and never revived from it. Mrs. Hoose was born in Coxsackie, Greene Co., of this state. She was married to Edward Hoose during the year 1842, and they came to this place in 1849, where they have resided most of the time since. Her husband died two years ago. She was the mother of 10 children, seven of whom are yet living. Since April last she has resided with her son, Edward H. Deceased, in the midst of her cares and trials, was a kind mother, and ___, helpful friend and neighbor. The funeral is to take place this afternoon at 1 o'clock, from the house of her son. Unknown, Catherine L. (I753)
1626 Mrs. Catherine Robus - Mrs. Catherine Robus, whose death occurred Wednesday morning at 10:45 of asthmatic consumption, was born in England in 1820, making her nearly 61 years of age. She was married to John Robus in 1847, with whom she came to this country in 1850, coming direct to this place, where they have since resided and where four children were born to them, three of whom are still living. She was an affectionate wife, a kind mother, and much esteemed by her many friends, who earnestly sympathize with the bereaved family in their affliction. She was for 47 years a member of the Episcopal Church, and patiently watched the coming of death thro' two years and nine months of suffering, trusting in the mercy of her redeemer. Her funeral was held yesterday at the Episcopal Church yesterday at 2pm. Unknown, Catherine (I391)
1627 Mrs. Charles E. Campbell, a daughter of Senator William Foster, and native of Cleveland, N.Y., recently died in Larned, Kansas. Foster, Anna (I47)
1628 Mrs. Charles Morenus has gone to Wellsboro, PA., where she will spend time with her husband who is at work at that place. Morenus, Charles W. (I1200)
1629 Mrs. Chas. Drum died last night of quick consumption. She leaves one child, a little boy, about 3 years of age. Unknown, Ada (I1055)
1630 Mrs. David Maxwell died yesterday, after a week of great suffering. Unknown, Louisa (I1218)
1631 Mrs. Edna Albicker, 78, of RD 1, Williamstown, died yesterday after a long illness. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Betty Ransear of Clayton; a son, George of Los Angeles; nine grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. Services will be at 11 am Wednesday at Harter- Olmstead Funeral Home in Parish. Burial in Cleveland Village Cemetery. Calling hours will be 3-5 and 7-9 tomorrow at the funeral home, 7340 Main street.  Wade, Edna Mae (I1965)
1632 Mrs. Emma Morse of Cleveland, wife of Harry Morse, died very suddenly Saturday evening. Sixbery, Emma (I143)
1633 Mrs. Gilbert Roberts returned on Saturday [May 4, 1907] to her home in Rome after caring for her father, Edward Sherman for several weeks. Mr. Sherman is able to be out once more and is in a fair way to celebrate his one hundredth birthday, June 9, 1907. Sherman, Edward (I464)
1634 Mrs. Hawn had been ill of pneumonia several days. Bigelow, Lucy (I4038)
1635 Mrs. Hawn had lived with her daughter for several years, moving from Syracuse. Bigelow, Lucy (I4038)
1636 Mrs. Mary Ann Ripka, 74, died unexpectedly May 31, 1950, in her home, 28 New Hartford St., New York Mills. Dr. Preston Clarke, coroner, said death was due to natural causes. Schuler, Mary Ann (I4057)
1637 Mrs. Mary Audas, mother of Gerrit Audas, died Wednesday, at her home near Elpis, at the age of 82 years, 3 months and 22 days. She had been sick about three months, and for several days suffered greatly from dropsy. Deceased was one of our oldest and most respected residents, whose life-record is one of well-doing, gentleness, affection and high moral worth. Hailstone, Mary (I1258)
1638 Mrs. Mary Page, widow of Jas. Page, died at the residence of her son-in-law, D. Odell, Monday morning, aged 64 years. She was an old resident of these parts. Funeral services were held Wednesday. Unknown, Mary (I1048)
1639 Mrs. McNamara, daughter of S. Drum, was married last week to a Mr. Hess, of Durhamville. Family F869
1640 Mrs. Nellie Nellis, 78, sister of Mr. Thomas Cole of McConnellsville, recently passed away in Tonawanda. Her early life was spent in Cleveland, N.Y. Another brother, John Cole of Chelsea, Mich., and a sister, Mrs. Anna Morse of Cleveland, survive. Cole, Ellen M. (I1446)
1641 Mrs. Rebecca Vandenburg, wife of ex-assemblyman John Vandenburg, of Clyde, a former resident of Cleveland, died yesterday, a dispatch having reached relatives here. Deceased was a daughter of Anthony Landgraff, the first owner of the Cleveland Glass Works. Landgraff, Rebecca (I2960)
1642 Mrs. Rose Cottet is reecovering from illness in Syracuse at the home of her son, Dealton Cottet. Her daughter, Mrs. Stella Diffin of Cicero, it in critical condition. Bradt, Rose (I135)
1643 Mrs. Senecal was born in Rome and lived in Syracuse 55 yean.  Neiss, Alice N. (I4095)
1644 Mrs. Silas F. Potter of Rome announces the engagement of her daughter, Lois, to William H. Somers, son of Mrs. Thomas Deans of Cleveland. Family F820
1645 Mrs. Sophia Best Rogerson, wife of George S. Rogerson, died Saturday afternoon at her home, Berkshire Village, following a three-month illness. Best, Sophia (I1482)
1646 Mrs. Sophia L. Schmidt, 43, Lee Center, formerly of Rome, died at 5:30pm yesterday in the Rome Hospital where she had been a patient for two weeks. Her death followed a long illness. Halupka, Sophia Louise (I1390)
1647 Mrs. Stella Diffin, of Cicero, is in critical condition. Cottet, Stella May (I139)
1648 Mrs. Stenson was formerly Mary Elizabeth Campbell, and she was born Dec. 23, 1838, in Storington, Canada, being a daughter of Archibald and Mary Glacolmi Stenson, of whose family of 12 children she was the last survivor. Campbell, Mary Elizabeth (I535)
1649 Mrs. Whitney was the widow of the late Albert C. Whitney, for a number of years engaged in the coal business in Cleveland. Millit, Mary (I1344)
1650 Mrs. William Young, daughter of Archibald and Mary Chisholm, native of Cleveland, N.Y., where she was born, March 13, 1860, died early Sunday morning at her home in New York Mills. Chisholm, Mary E. (I3497)

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