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1551 John Jackson, 67, a carpenter of Cleveland, N.Y., employed in building a house in Eastwood, fell from a scaffold three-stories high last week. He was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital. His condition is reported critical. Jackson, John G. (I2309)
1552 John Landgraff is cutting glass at Ithaca. Landgraff, John Francis (I97)
1553 John Landgraff, Frankie Best and William Dunn have secured positions at Ithaca. Landgraff, John Francis (I97)
1554 John Landgraff, Frankie Best and William Dunn have secured positions at Ithaca. Best, Francis (I77)
1555 John Payne, 82, years ago resident of Cleveland, N.Y., died at East Rochester where funeral and burial took place Monday. Payne, John (I1616)
1556 John Robus, who has been mail carrier for a number of years, is very ill at his home on West Street and James Johnson has taken his place. Robus, John (I390)
1557 John served in Company B 310 Infantry until November 16th, 1917 at which time he was transferred to 46 Co 10 Bn 157 Dep Brig. On January 1st, 1918 he was promoted to Corporal.

On January 23rd, 1918 he was sent to Camp Gordon until April 3rd, 1918 when he was transferred to Mechanic Company H 18th Infantry.

While serving with the 18th Infantry, he fought in battle at Montdidier Sector from April 24th to May 30th, 1918.

On July 18th, 1918 he served in the Marne offensive, sustaining a severe injury to his this on July 19th at Soissons Drive. He recovered and went on to see action during the St. Michel offensive, September 12-13, 1918 and Meuse-Argonne, October 1st thru October 12th, 1918.

Serving during the army occupation at Cobling Bridgehead from December 1st, 1918 to August 18, 1919. During this period, John was promoted to Private 1st Class on January 19th, 1919 and again to Mee on May 1st, 1919.

He was honorably discharged on September 26th, 1919. 
Schmidt, John Gloude (I1375)
1558 John Sheever fell off a load of glass at the Union factory, yesterday morning, and his shoulder blade and ribs were fractured. Dr. Whyborn thinks he will be a cripple the remainder of his life. Sheever, John (I2981)
1559 John Shuler and Frank ?, we understand, will blow in a Detroit glass factory the coming season. Shuler, John (I981)
1560 John Stinger has retired from the Cheap Cash Store and a young man from Amboy takes his place. Stinger, John E. (I901)
1561 John Vandenburgh, a young lawyer from Coxsackie, N.Y., settled in Cleveland in 1847 or 1848, and soon won a lucrative practice as well as an accomplished wife, the latter being the youngest daughter of Anthony Landgraff, the pioneer glass manufacturer of that village. Vandenburgh, John (I2867)
1562 John was a lifelong dairy farmer and worked for many farms from Watertown to Oneida County. Phelps, John H. (I4259)
1563 John was born in Northern Ireland and married Sarah Alexander around 1830. They had a son William in 1832, and shortly thereafter they emigrated to America and settled first in Greene County, possibly at or near New Baltimore where Sarah's brother operated a small tannery. Little, John (I2647)
1564 John Waters is employed for shares on Samuel Dickinson's farm. Waters, John R. (I659)
1565 John, who practiced law here for a time, became a leading criminal lawyer of the State, and at one time was a partner of Lieutenant Governor Charles T. Saxton in Clyde, where he died in 1894. Vandenburgh, John (I2867)
1566 Joining the M.E. Church in 1864 he was long its able class leader, and for sixteen years was superintendent of the Sunday school. Harding, George (I450)
1567 Joseph Stark was the youngest son of John and Janette Horne Stark, natives of Combernauld, Scotland, and was born in Amboy, March 17, 1835. Stark, Deacon Joseph (I4148)
1568 Joshua B. Randall, an elder brother [of Charles B. Randall living at Bridgewater, Oneida County, at the time of his brother's death in 1853] soon afterward came to Cleveland and Practiced law for several years. Randall, Joshua B. (I2869)
1569 July 1882 - Granville Morenus returned on Tuesday from Pittsburg, Pa., where he has been attending the annual convention of the glass blowers' union, having been appointed a delegate from Cleveland branch. Morenus, Granville W. (I612)
1570 July 1884 - Dexter was on the wage committee representing the glass workers' at a convention being held in Syracuse, Onondaga Co, NY.

October 1892 - Was the Preceptor of the Glass workers' organization
Townsend, Dexter Van (I888)
1571 Kathleen and Celestine Houser are twins. Houser, Kathleen Mary (I3738)
1572 Kathleen and Celestine Houser are twins. Houser, Celestine A. (I3737)
1573 Kathleen worked in the Camden wire mill, Camden New York, during WW II as a machine operator. Houser, Kathleen Mary (I3738)
1574 Kenneth Thomas of Jewell has opened a barber shop in Cleveland. He is a recent graduate of a Syracuse barber school. Thomas, Kenneth P. (I4197)
1575 Killed at Mananas Gap 30 Aug 1862 in the Battle of Bull Run. Delahunt, James (I3593)
1576 Killed at Mechanicsville, VA, in Seven Days Battle before Richmond, 28 June 1862. Delahunt, Michael (I3595)
1577 Killed in action during the Civil War. Bernhard, Samuel D. (I2186)
1578 Kime, Charles, On Monday night, October 26, 1908 occurred the death of Charles Kime, aged 48 years. Early late August, Mr. Kime received a severe cut from a sheet of glass while working in the glass factory, although the wound appeared to heal, he could not use the hand and recently went to Oneida and entered Dr. Carpenter's hospital for treatment. On Monday of last week, he returned to his home and a little later was taken ill and his death followed Moonday night. Kime, Charles (I177)
1579 L.P. Marsden is shipping spruce lumber on a contract with T. Kingford & Son, to Oswego. Marsden, Linus Parker (I3014)
1580 Landgraff Charles-On Saturday morning April 25, 1903, occurred the death of Charles Landgraff, aged 81 years. Mr. Landgraff, who was a former Cleveland resident and practically all his life identified with the glass industry, had been suffering for some time with a cancer and for a few months past had been in St. Joseph's hospital in Syracuse. Landgraff, Charles (I85)
1581 Landgraff, H. S. 70, 1864-1934, of Central Square, died late Saturday night at his home there, having been in failing health for sometime. Landgraff, Horatio Seymour (I109)
1582 Landgraff, John Francis, a well known, well liked and well esteemed resident of this town, died suddenly of heart disease, in the railroad station at Constantia, on Saturday morning, January 11, 1913. Landgraff, John Francis (I97)
1583 Landlord Knights had Honicky Best up on a judge's order, the other day, before lawyer Gallagher as referee, to see what prospect there was of getting the judgement he holds against him satisfied. Lawyer Wilder thoroughly examined Best concerning his financial condition past and present; and then the case was finally held open until next week. Best, William H. (I1404)
1584 LaPoint - Seeber - At the parsonage of the M.E. Church in Cleveland, on the 9th of February, by the Rev. W.S. Titus, Joseph LaPoint to Ellen M. Seeber, both of Cleveland. Family F863
1585 Last Monday we had the honor of an introduction to the Mayor of Cleveland, Ned Sherman. In personal appearance Mr. Sherman is five feet eight inches in his gum shoes, about the color of Egyptian night, beard slightly tinged with gray, a portion of his countenance very open and the balance looks as though somebody had mistaken it for a bank vault and tried to open it with a jimmy - probably the effect of small-pox. He is as affable as an end man in his conversation, as unlettered as a turnpike guide board, and as unassuming as a bill poster. He meets with the village board - on the sidewalk - and conducts the affairs of the corporation - whenever he gets an opportunity - with the experience of a man bred in parliament. Ned, although not strictly prepossessing, will not be a bad looking person when carved ebony comes in fashion again. Sherman, Edward (I464)
1586 Last rites for Thomas Wright were conducted Sunday afternoon at the home of his son-in-law, C. Schmidt. The Rev. Ralph C. Hutchinson officiated. The remains were placed in the vault. Wright, Thomas (I1388)
1587 Later, he worked as a carpenter and boat builder in [Cleveland] and built many boats for the Erie Canal. When the Ontario & Western railroad was built he engaged in the business of contracting to construct bridges and built most of the bridges in this section as well as many on the Auburn Branch.  Audas, Garritt (I516)
1588 Laurence served as the historian for the Village of Cleveland and Cleveland Glassworks. Cottet, Laurence D. (I133)
1589 Lena and Leta are twins. Page, Lena (I3153)
1590 Lena and Leta are twins. Page, Leta (I3154)
1591 Lenning - In Cleveland, Feb 7th, Mrs. Barney Lenning, aged 66 years. Unknown, Sarah Ann (I2637)
1592 Leo Joseph was the barber in Cleveland up until 1980. Bitz, Leo Joseph (I1529)
1593 Leo retired in 1970. Bitz, Leo Joseph (I1529)
1594 Leon Bonneau and Peter Senecal of Cleveland are building a small furnace to be used for melting glass which they intend to use for making trinket, stockingdarners, etc., and will place them on the market for sale in the near future. Bonneau, Leon Augustus (I1648)
1595 Leon Bonneau and Peter Senecal of Cleveland are building a small furnace to be used for melting glass which they intend to use for making trinket, stockingdarners, etc., and will place them on the market for sale in the near future. Senecal, Peter Leon (I1119)
1596 Leon John Schmidt, one of the few remaining veterans of the glass industry which once flourished in this section, died early today at the home of his granddaughter, Mrs. Harold F. Harris, after a long illness. He was 87 years old. Schmidt, Leon John (I4086)
1597 Leon Joseph Bitz, Sr. Bitz, Leo Joseph (I1529)
1598 Leon Joseph Bitz, Sr., 83, of Bridge Street, died Sept. 19, 1991, at his home. Born in Cleveland, on Jan. 7, 1908, he was a son of Joseph and Lottie Schmidt Bitz and had graduated from Cleveland High School. Bitz, Leo Joseph (I1529)
1599 Leonard-Becker - At the home of the bride's parents in Constantia, Dec. 25th, by Rev. C.W. Mccarthy, Noah Leonard, of Cleveland, and Miss Ada. Becker, of Constantia.

About 40 relatives and friends were present at the above wedding, which took place at 8p.m. Immediately after the ceremony, the guests were seated at a bountiful supper, after which a social good time was had till about 12 o'clock when the company retired. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard were presented with numerous fine selections of silverware and crystal ware. The Press acknowledges the receipt of a liberal supply of wedding cake. 
Family F881
1600 Lewis Kausner, died at his home in Cleveland, N.Y. last Thursday morning. He was 87 years of age and formerly for thirty years resided in Oneida. He had lived in Cleveland about three years. The funeral was held in Cleveland and the remains taken to Oneida for internment. Kausner, Lewis (I4152)

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