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1201 He was a merchant in Cleveland, Oswego county, N.Y. during the war.  Stevens, Franklin (I308)
1202 He was a prominent man in this section, was one of the first five who organized the first abolition party in this town. Pettibone, Daniel (I348)
1203 He was a well-known and active politician, having filled most of the important offices of the town. He was at one time candidate for Assembly. Morse, Albert (I1321)
1204 He was also active and a big supporter of Two Guys Girls softball. Taskey, Jack S. (I3314)
1205 He was born in the town of Vienna on Peck Street, near Elpis, January 7, 1847; the eldest child of the late Abram and Rebecca Piersall. Piersall, Ransom D. (I672)
1206 Headstone inscription "Natives of County Down Ireland" McFerren, Ellen (I1967)
1207 Helena was a 26 year member of Bethel Comuunity Fellowship and had served her church family as a memeber of the board of trustees, a children's church worker and their most faithful prayer warrior. Manley, Helena A. (I2681)
1208 Henry assisted and contributed towards the publication of the history of Oswego County, written by Crisfield Johnson, which was in chronological order from 1615 to 1877. Griesmeyer, Henry Sr. (I122)
1209 Henry Bennett died Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock, after an illness of about three weeks, from inflammation of the prostate gland and bladder; aged 68 years. He was an old resident, having lived in these parts over 25 years, and his familiar presence will be much missed. Bennett, Henry (I1508)
1210 Henry Feeler, an old colored resident living north of this village, died on Monday. Feeler, Henry (I1836)
1211 Henry Grismyer and Joe Bonneau started Monday for Mobile. Griesmeyer, Henry Sr. (I122)
1212 Henry Grismyer and Joe Bonneau started Monday for Mobile. Bonneau, Joseph (I1013)
1213 Henry Grismyer, Johnny Kime, Goeche and Joe Bonneau have secured work at Ithaca. Griesmeyer, Henry Sr. (I122)
1214 Henry Grismyer, Johnny Kime, Goeche and Joe Bonneau have secured work at Ithaca. Kime, John Philip (I646)
1215 Henry Grismyer, Johnny Kime, Goeche and Joe Bonneau have secured work at Ithaca. Gochie, David (I1219)
1216 Henry Grismyer, Johnny Kime, Goeche and Joe Bonneau have secured work at Ithaca. Bonneau, Joseph (I1013)
1217 Henry Grismyer, Jr., has returned from Ithaca, and is suffering from a felon. He now sports a conspicuous mustache. Griesmeyer, Henry Jr. (I19)
1218 Henry Hamilton is very successfully managing the Union glass works furnace. Hamilton, Henry (I831)
1219 Henry is listed as being a member of Company K of the 110 Regiment, New York. Griesmeyer, Henry Sr. (I122)
1220 Henry Marsden served in the Union Army during the Civil War. According to family records, he returned home, left his equipment and immediately started out for the west. As far as can be ascertained, he dropped all contact with his brothers and sisters and returned home to visit them.

Kenneth Marsden noes in his book, the Henry Marsden enlisted on January 4, 1864 at Mexico, N.Y., later discharged in Washington on September 26, 1865, is not of the Marsden line associated with this family. 
Marsden, Henry (I3015)
1221 Henry Orismeyer was next called upon. The charge was assault and battery, it was alleged that (Gris.) had laid hands on his wife in "a violent, rude; and threatening mannor," and she had him arrested accordingly. "Well, Henry," said his Honor, "what do you say as to this? Are you guilty, or not guilty?" Gris. couldn't tell a lie, so he said he supposed he was guilty. His Honor made the fine quite light, only $8, but Gris., declared he wouldn't pay it ?no never! even if it was only 5 cents; he would go to jail first. So the Justice had to make out a commitment to tho county jail for 20 days, and Henry departed for Oswego in company with Drum the following
Family F37
1222 Her aunt is named Louisa and more than half the time her named is spelled Louisa, but on several occasions her named gets spelled with an e at the end. Best, Louisa (I1405)
1223 Here We Are Again! The undersigned would inform his friends and the public generally that he has re-opened a Meat Market in the Audas building, on Division Street, with an entire new and fresh stock of choice meats, as well as sausage, bologna; oysters, fish, fowls, etc., which can be had at the very lowest prices. --- W.P. Fosdick Fosdick, Whitman P. (I438)
1224 His first name may be Roney or this may be his wife's (Nancy) maiden name. Redick, Unknown (I526)
1225 His first name may be Roney or this may be his wife's (Nancy) maiden name. Redick, Nancy (I527)
1226 His grandfather, Anthony Landgraff, associated with three sons, one of whom was Francis Landgraff, built and operated the first window glass factory in Cleveland, this was also the first on the north shore of Oneida Lake. Born of a family of glassworkers, he early learned the business, taking up the line of a cutter; tiring of this, he took up the study of law, for a time pursuing his studies while working in the factory. Landgraff, Harmon C. (I96)
1227 His obituary in the Rome Citizen Friday March 1, 1901 reads in part " a devoted Christian, always interested in his church and its welfare. Mulholland, John (I1635)
1228 His will, dated Jan. 26, 1866, was probated Sept. 30, 1867, and son Alvin E. Abbott, is named as exr. After providing for his wid. Cynthia, the personal and real estate was given to son Julius, except such as had been given the widow, etc. Abbott, Leonard (I1414)
1229 Historians believe Ned Sherman lies in an unmarked grave in the village cemetery. He's not in Cleveland's small private cemetery at the edge of town where two black Civil War veterans - Edward Wilson of the Massachusetts Colored Volunteers and Henry Feeler, a private in the Connecticut volunteers - were buried.

Lawrence Cottet stated that he had a very large funeral procession and was greatly respected in the community. 
Sherman, Edward (I464)
1230 Homer Miller, of Bernhard's Bay, and Miss Ella, daughter of D. Odell, were married Thursday eve., at the home of the bride, by Rev. Chas. Hallock, of the Bay. The Press extends congratulations. Family F789
1231 Horatio Seymour Potter, late assistant station agent, has gone to work in the box shop of the Cleveland Glass Works. Potter, Horatio Seymour (I502)
1232 Hugh H. Martin, 59, of Cleveland, passed away Wednesday 9/27/2017 with his family by his side. Hugh was an avid outdoorsman who thoroughly enjoyed fishing and hunting. He was a family man through and through and loved having fun ie; pranking and scaring his grandchildren. Hugh was a devoted SU Basketball fan constantly ?pretending? to be the coach. He cherished his pets Nikki, Lily, Maggie, Grace, and his horse Stitch. Hugh loved his wife Martha with an intense love. With everything he had been through in this past few years, it was this love that keep him going.

Hugh is predeceased by parents William and Jane Martin.

Surviving is his wife of 25 years Martha (Marfy); sons Bruce Jr. (Valerie) Gates and Shawn (Erin) Gates; daughters Erin (John) Ulrich and Rachael Chavez; sister Sarah Martin; brother Chris (Shay Manely) Martin; grandchildren, Summer (Keith) Jackson, Gage Grogan, Noah, Ashton, Madalyn Gates, Cyndi Vogel, Ethan and Emma Ulrich, Jesse and Julia Gates; one great-grandchild,due March 2018,(Baby Jackson); in-laws Emilie Kadish, Richard (Donna) Kostoroski, Patricia (Robert Coleman) Key, Mary Koliada, Thomas (Carolyn) Kostoroski, Susan (Barry Musa) Dicriscio, Robert Kostoroski, David (Nancy) Kostoroski, and several nieces and nephews.

The family wishes to thank Dr. Maureen Ross and Dr. Joseph Navone; friends Bill Mammone and Mary Anne Turner; George and Mary Walker. with out all of you we could not have made this journey.

?He talks not but there lies conversation in his eyes.?

Services will be at Divine Mercy Parish, Central Square on Wednesday October 4, 2017 at 10 Am. 
Martin, Hugh H. (I2880)
1233 Hugh lived on a farm located between Bernhards Bay and Cleveland. Smith, Hugh (I2818)
1234 Hughes taught algebra, geometry and trigonometry for three years and coached basketball. Hughes, William J. (I3788)
1235 Husband of Hattie May Ackerman Ackerman, Elihu (I1962)
1236 I ?googled? Toledo State Hospital. There is a movement underway called the Cemetery Reclamation Project set up to recover the markers and the positions of the markers that represent the people that were buried at the Hospital?s grave yards. As of the writing of the article I was reading on the website there were 1,994 unclaimed women, children and men buried in graves marked only with a small stone with a number.

Someone claimed Margaret?s body and brought it back to Cleveland where she is buried.  
Mulholland, Margret (I1261)
1237 I have been a resident of this [Cleveland] for the last four years. When I came to Cleveland I moved into a part of Frank G. Terpenny's house; he occupied the other part. I lived in his house until April 1, 1899. Cadd, Albert B. (I1947)
1238 I moved, together with my family, into the house or residence of Frank G. Terpenny October 20, 1897, and lived there until March 30, 1899. Cadd, Albert B. (I1947)
1239 Ike Ingraham departed for Detroit (Mich.) Tuesday. Ingraham, Isaac P. (I706)
1240 Ike Ingraham has returned with his family to this place. Ingraham, Isaac P. (I706)
1241 Ike Ingraham moved his family to Clyde this week. Ingraham, Isaac P. (I706)
1242 Ike Ingraham was presented with a young daughter Wednesday night. Ingraham, Ida May (I1241)
1243 Ike Nickerson of the Bay, is to blow at Getman's works next fall. Nickerson, Isaac T. (I1551)
1244 In 1821 Mr. Martin built a frame house, and during the winter of 1822-23 taught the first school in the eastern part of the town in an old log dwelling on the Vanderkemp farm. Martin, Rev. Christopher (I149)
1245 In 1824, Horace Hitchcock also came into the locality. Hitchcock, Horace (I2514)
1246 In 1842, James Carroll, father of Nehemiah, became a resident of Cleveland, where he engaged in the meat business. Carroll, James Jr. (I694)
1247 In 1847, after the last of the children were born, the family bought a 100 acre farm in the Town of Vienna, still on the north shore of Oneida Lake. The only Catholic Church in the area at this time was in North Bay, but this was actually closer to their home than Cleveland, where St. Mary's was built later. Lichteissen, Caroline (I17)
1248 In 1850 he married Almira Fosdick of Oneida county, and they had five children, all of whom died while young. Family F836
1249 In 1850 he married Mary Landsborough, of Scotch parentage, by whom he had seven children: Mrs. Jane Marsden of Bernhard's Bay; Mrs. Anna Dodds of Kane, Pa.; Rhoda, Emma, Silas James of
Kane, Pa ; and Mrs. Mary Biddle of Kane, Pa. 
Family F839
1250 In 1858, he was elected special surrogate of Oswego county, and removing to Central Square he became one of the county excise commissioners, an office he held for some time.  Randall, Joshua B. (I2869)

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