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1101 Ed. Hoose will work at the Cleveland glass works after this week. Hoose, Edward H. (I765)
1102 Ed. Sanders is officiating as clerk at Getman's Store. Sanders, Edwin P. (I1327)
1103 Edgar taught in one room schoolhouses and was a well known cartographer, making various maps of towns and counties in Northern and Central New York. Blankman, Edgar G. (I2199)
1104 Edna began serving as Bernhards Bay Postmaster July 1st, 1942, after the retirement of Clayton Winn. Pease, Edna Mildred (I227)
1105 Edna worked part-time at the store during summer vacations in the early 1920s. She would go on to be a partner with her husband in the business through the years. Often supplementing store income with her personal income during lean years. Pease, Edna Mildred (I227)
1106 Edward Cripin was also intimately identified with the growth of the village and for several years was superintendent of the glass works. Crispin, Edward (I952)
1107 Edward Hoose departed this life Thursday afternoon, at the age of 66 years, 4 months and 8 days. He had been sick for several months, and the disease that finally closed his life was dropsy, the result of cirrhosis of the liver, accompanied with dilation of the heart. Deceased was one of the old inhabitants of the place. He was born in Coxsackie, Greene Co., of this State, April 18, 1814, and came here in the year 1849. He raised a large family, 10 children - 6 girls and 4 boys - 7 of whom survive him. He was always a hard working and useful man; and his familiar old features and quaint speech will be much missed from the daily scenes of life. The funeral services will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from the house. Hoose, Edward (I752)
1108 Edward Hoose of Philadelphia, a former resident of this place, is spending some time in town, the guest of relatives and friends. Hoose, Edward H. (I765)
1109 Edward moved to Syracuse when the Standard Thermometer Company relocated from Cleveland to Syracuse. Batchelor, Arch (I4069)
1110 Elbert R. Argersinger left again Wednesday, it is supposed for Chicago: We understand that Eb. was offered a salary of $1,000 a year to stay, but thinks he can make a great deal more than that by engaging in the manufacture of and speculation in oleomargerine, the new kind of butter. Argersinger, Elbert R. (I858)
1111 Elected after the resignation of Albert A. Yale. Sherman, Edward (I464)
1112 Elected by a majority of 4,130 over his Democratic opponent, he maintains the position of chairmanship over the Erection and Division of Towns and Counties and Poor Laws committees. He was also a member of the Committee on Railroads. Foster, William H. (I41)
1113 Elected Commander in 1889. Deans, Thomas Derritt (I1183)
1114 Elected Fire Chief in 1948. Morse, Harold A. Sr. (I144)
1115 Elected Junior Vice-Commander in 1889. Griesmeyer, Henry Sr. (I122)
1116 Elected on the republican ticket as Town of Constantia Justice of The Peace on 9 Nov 1933. He resigned in Sept 1936. In his capacity, he married Edward Kimball and Helen Holcomb Cook.  Pease, Frank (I883)
1117 Elizabeth is William's second wife. Family F558
1118 Elizabeth Kelley to Bridget Bradshaw, lot in Cleveland, $225, April 1869. Fitzpatrick, Bridget (I553)
1119 Employed for 20 years. Leonard, Melinee C. (I2635)
1120 Enlistment date ranges from August 8th, 1862 to August 11th, 1862. Griesmeyer, Henry Sr. (I122)
1121 Enlistment place varies from Constantia to Rome to Albany based on the document. Farmer, Homer Lester (I1366)
1122 Entries in the 1879 and 1883 Annual Department of the Treasurer of the Village of Cleveland, Disbursement records show a labor payment but does not indicate what labor services were provided. Bradshaw, Thomas (I552)
1123 Ephraim Cleveland settled at Constantia Centre 1829, upon his farm of 140 acres, in the middle of a dense forest, where he lived always afterward and died. A man of much executive ability and much esteemed, always holding some town office. Was forty years magistrate and twice town supervisor. In politics a Democrat. He was the principle man in the erection of a Baptist church near him. Cleveland, Ephraim (I1438)
1124 Ernestine enjoyed being an integral part of St. Mary?s Church in Cleveland, NY. Her passion and her deep devotions to God could be expressed through her altar care, teaching religious education, and coordinating fundraisers. Cianca, Ernestine M. (I1887)
1125 Ernestine M. Vella, 87, Cleveland, NY, passed peacefully October 27, 2016 with her loving family members at her bedside. Cianca, Ernestine M. (I1887)
1126 Eugene Barry, a Buffalo police officer assigned to the K-9 Corp. They never were lacking for company in their home -- especially "off-duty" German shepherd police dogs. Barry, Eugene (I1397)
1127 Eva died at home after a long illness. Weber, Eva (I3)
1128 Eveline was a resident at Stonehedge from October 2008 until her death, early Tuesday morning, June 9, 2009. Senecal, Eveline F. (I1647)
1129 Everett Watson fell from a wagon, Thursday noon, and broke his arm. Dr. Potter attended him. Watson, Everett (I1190)
1130 Exactly one week after her husband Raymond's passing.  Zimer, Anna M. (I2788)
1131 Ezra Palmer died yesterday afternoon at 15 minutes of 5 o'clock, after a lingering illness of several weeks.

He was 55 years old the 10th of March last, and had been a resident here since a boy 12 years old. He was a cabinet maker by trade, and a skillful, neat workman. For several years past his health has been very poor. Intense grief over the death of his daughters, two promising young ladies, about 5 years ago, made a great change in him, bleaching his dark hair to a grayish white, and reducing his condition to that of a feeble, premature old man.

He was not a public man, in the general acceptation of the term, although he held at different times two or three official positions.

Perhaps his life may have held mistakes or failings, yet we can charitably conclude they were rather of the head than the heart; for he was a man of tender, homely feelings, and pleasant, quiet ways. At the same time, many will remember him for numerous kind and friendly deeds.

The funeral services will be conducted by Rev. W.S. Titus at the house, tomorrow afternoon at four o'clock. 
Palmer, Ezra (I395)
1132 F.J. Allen is assisting at the Cheap Cash Store. Allen, Frederick J. (I1728)
1133 F.J. App became the parent of a 5lb. boy Thursday afternoon. App, Francis Howard (I1698)
1134 Fannie, a bright, interesting little daughter of Philip Kime, died Wednesday evening, of nervous or brain fever. She was 4 years, 6 months and 25 days old. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock. Kime, Fannie G. (I652)
1135 Farmer and Knight also offered Livery Stable services in conjunction with the hotel services. Knight, Abner (I966)
1136 Father Duhamel retired from the church in 1969 due to ill health. Duhamel, Rev. Bernhard J. (I3761)
1137 Father MacNish served briefly at Grace Church, Union Springs, before enlisting in the Army. Macnish, Rev. George Herbert (I2019)
1138 Few individuals have so many occupations as J. Robus. He is mail-carrier, wood sawyer, coal-heaver, and lamp-lighter, and keeps all these machines running without a jar. He should also be street commissioner, auctioneer and chief of the police, to keep him busy. Robus, John (I390)
1139 First glass-works company in Onondaga County. Landgraff, Anthony (I82)
1140 First son born to John and Ellen Alexander; in 1853 Ellen gave birth to another son who was also given the name Joseph.  Alexander, Joseph (I1971)
1141 Five weeks ago he suffered a stroke from which it was thought he was recovering. As he was able to sit up in a chair and appeared to be gaining. He had another stroke Sunday which proved fatal. Knight, Charles William (I194)
1142 Flannigan may not be her maiden name. Flannigan, Mary H. (I3603)
1143 Flarity - Wise: On Sunday evening, January 23rd at St. Mary's Catholic Church, by Rev. F.G. Maguire, John Flarity and Miss Emma Wise, both of Cleveland. Family F875
1144 Flavella Tasker was 5 years old Saturday, and in honor of the event a party of children assembled at her home during the afternoon and had an enjoyable time. Tasker, Flavella (I1339)
1145 Florence and Fiora are twins. Howe, Florence (I3167)
1146 Florence and Fiora are twins. Howe, Fiora (I3168)
1147 Florence entered a convent. Marsden, Florence Louise (I3115)
1148 Floyd died at the home of his daughter, Carol Rohrer Pillius, Newburgh, after a long illness. Schmidt, Floyd Vincent (I1382)
1149 Following their marriage, they settled on the Dann Farm, which in recent years is better known as the Wall place on the Hillsboro Road. Garlick, William F. (I2418)
1150 Following their marriage, they settled on the Dann Farm, which in recent years is better known as the Wall place on the Hillsboro Road. Hamilton, Emeline (I2419)

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