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1101 Eva died at home after a long illness. Weber, Eva (I3)
1102 Eveline was a resident at Stonehedge from October 2008 until her death, early Tuesday morning, June 9, 2009. Senecal, Eveline F. (I1647)
1103 Everett Watson fell from a wagon, Thursday noon, and broke his arm. Dr. Potter attended him. Watson, Everett (I1190)
1104 Exactly one week after her husband Raymond's passing.  Zimer, Anna M. (I2788)
1105 Ezra Palmer died yesterday afternoon at 15 minutes of 5 o'clock, after a lingering illness of several weeks.

He was 55 years old the 10th of March last, and had been a resident here since a boy 12 years old. He was a cabinet maker by trade, and a skillful, neat workman. For several years past his health has been very poor. Intense grief over the death of his daughters, two promising young ladies, about 5 years ago, made a great change in him, bleaching his dark hair to a grayish white, and reducing his condition to that of a feeble, premature old man.

He was not a public man, in the general acceptation of the term, although he held at different times two or three official positions.

Perhaps his life may have held mistakes or failings, yet we can charitably conclude they were rather of the head than the heart; for he was a man of tender, homely feelings, and pleasant, quiet ways. At the same time, many will remember him for numerous kind and friendly deeds.

The funeral services will be conducted by Rev. W.S. Titus at the house, tomorrow afternoon at four o'clock. 
Palmer, Ezra (I395)
1106 F.J. Allen is assisting at the Cheap Cash Store. Allen, Frederick J. (I1728)
1107 F.J. App became the parent of a 5lb. boy Thursday afternoon. App, Francis Howard (I1698)
1108 Fannie, a bright, interesting little daughter of Philip Kime, died Wednesday evening, of nervous or brain fever. She was 4 years, 6 months and 25 days old. The funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock. Kime, Fannie G. (I652)
1109 Farmer and Knight also offered Livery Stable services in conjunction with the hotel services. Knight, Abner (I966)
1110 Father Duhamel retired from the church in 1969 due to ill health. Duhamel, Rev. Bernhard J. (I3761)
1111 Father MacNish served briefly at Grace Church, Union Springs, before enlisting in the Army. Macnish, Rev. George Herbert (I2019)
1112 Few individuals have so many occupations as J. Robus. He is mail-carrier, wood sawyer, coal-heaver, and lamp-lighter, and keeps all these machines running without a jar. He should also be street commissioner, auctioneer and chief of the police, to keep him busy. Robus, John (I390)
1113 First glass-works company in Onondaga County. Landgraff, Anthony (I82)
1114 First son born to John and Ellen Alexander; in 1853 Ellen gave birth to another son who was also given the name Joseph.  Alexander, Joseph (I1971)
1115 Five weeks ago he suffered a stroke from which it was thought he was recovering. As he was able to sit up in a chair and appeared to be gaining. He had another stroke Sunday which proved fatal. Knight, Charles William (I194)
1116 Flannigan may not be her maiden name. Flannigan, Mary H. (I3603)
1117 Flarity - Wise: On Sunday evening, January 23rd at St. Mary's Catholic Church, by Rev. F.G. Maguire, John Flarity and Miss Emma Wise, both of Cleveland. Family F875
1118 Flavella Tasker was 5 years old Saturday, and in honor of the event a party of children assembled at her home during the afternoon and had an enjoyable time. Tasker, Flavella (I1339)
1119 Florence and Fiora are twins. Howe, Florence (I3167)
1120 Florence and Fiora are twins. Howe, Fiora (I3168)
1121 Florence entered a convent. Marsden, Florence Louise (I3115)
1122 Floyd died at the home of his daughter, Carol Rohrer Pillius, Newburgh, after a long illness. Schmidt, Floyd Vincent (I1382)
1123 For a time [Jeanette] also worked at the L F Bitz and Sons Store on Lake Street with her sisters Lottie and Rose. Schmidt, Lottie L. (I1511)
1124 For a time [Jeanette] also worked at the L F Bitz and Sons Store on Lake Street with her sisters Lottie and Rose. Schmidt, Rose C. (I1513)
1125 For many years he operated a meat market in Cleveland. Duhamel, James L. (I3762)
1126 For reasons that are not fully known or understood (although possibly because Fred, the former husband, periodically appeared), Rosamond chose to live out the balance of her years in relative seclusion. She moved from the Thompson Road farm to her property in Jewell on Oneida Lake in 1929, surrounded by her horses and other animals. Over those years she was only in close contact with her lawyer George Alston Smith and her banker Howard F. Zinsmeister. Gifford, Rosamond (I2687)
1127 For Sale Or To Rent: House and lot now occupied by Henry Garber on North Street. Garber, Henry (I276)
1128 For the first three years Bee worked with me as my only office help. She answered the telephones, held children for suturing, held limbs while I put on plaster casts, and held babies while I performed circumcisions. Lucasen, Beatrice Gertrude (I2107)
1129 For those who knew the late Ester Morse Cottet, she was a kind and loving soul that will be missed by a great many. She was the village historian for forty years or more. She also oversaw the coming of the telephone to Cleveland. She was in charge of the local telephone system, which she says was comprised of one hundred telephones and a switchboard. She says she later trained operators to 'man' the system. Morse, Esther M. (I140)
1130 For years Mr. Deans was engaged in boat building, for which this place in its earlier history, was noted. Deans, John (I353)
1131 Former president of the U.S. Women's Club of Kingston, Jamaica. [Dorothy] organized the Martin Luther King Scholarship Fund for high school students in Jamaica to attend college in the United States. Kessler, Dorothy J. (I2571)
1132 Formerly the Perfection Candle Company, Como Candle Company was formed in 1934 by Laurence and Eugenia Morenus after Thomas Dewey decided to close the Perfection Candle Company. Laurence served as President in July 1934. Cottet, Laurence D. (I133)
1133 Frances Dunn Kaiser ... died at home early Tuesday morning, after an illness of several months. Dunn, Frances (I2024)
1134 Frances was an organist for St. Mary's Church for over 50 years. When the church was remodeled in 1930, she stepped aside to allow another organist to play on the new pipe organ. In an interview at the dedication ceremony, Francis noted:

"This is something special, and I could never learn to play the pipe organ for such an occasion as this." 
Busam, Frances A. (I70)
1135 Francis' mother and father were born in Ireland. McGuire, Francis (I1332)
1136 Frank began working at Merrell-Soule at the age of 18 as a clerk. By the age of 21 he was admitted to partnership. Soule, Frank Channing (I20)
1137 Frank Elliott App was found dead at the residence of Miss Katherine Garvey, the boarding home he was staying at, on Wednesday afternoon. Coroner James W. Graves indicated that the autopsy confirmed death due to heart disease.  App, Frank Elliott (I7)
1138 Frank G. Terpenny notes: I am a single man, but have been married. I was married to Elizabeth A. Cochrans in 1892, and she obtained a divorce from me June 4, 1902, on statutory grounds. I put in an answer, but did not appear at trial. It was agreed between our attorneys that she should have the divorce. The terms of the settlement were that I was to pay her attorney $100, and she take the decree without alimony or costs. Family F326
1139 Frank LaDue has gone to Syracuse to enter the business college. Ladue, Frank (I1476)
1140 Frank Landgraff is an unlucky lad. Within the past year or so, he has met with several accidents and fortunate escapes, and Thursday morning added another to the list. A train of flat cars were backing over the glass factory switch, and he was riding on one of the cars, leaning against a stake. In some way the stake fell out or broke off, and young Landgraff tumbled off into the gully between Tasker's shop and Drum's place, and was considerably injured. Landgraff, Francis (I110)
1141 Frank Palmer has returned from the west and will spend the summer here with his mother. Palmer, Frank (I397)
1142 Frank Palmer is assistant hostler at the Cleveland House. Palmer, Frank (I397)
1143 Frank Pease, in this capacity as Town of Constantia Justice of Peace, married Edward Kimball and Helen Holcomb Cook.  Family F1152
1144 Frank served in Company B 310 Infantry until November 16th, 1917 at which time he was transferred to 157 Dep Brig. Aut Repl Draft until April 9th, 1918. During this time, he saw action overseas from March 14th, 1918 until March 25, 1918. He served the remainder of his time with Company E 17 Engineers until discharge.

He was promoted to Private 1st Class on October 1st, 1918 and to Corporal on November 1st, 1918.

He was honorably discharged on September 26th, 1919. 
Schmidt, Frank F. (I1377)
1145 Frank served on the local War Industries Board Committee in Syracuse during the war. He was "placed in charge of the food products section." Soule, Frank Channing (I20)
1146 Frank was an apprentice to John W. Hart at Penn Window Glass Company. Griesmeyer, Francis Anthony (I116)
1147 Fred J. Bristol saw a large black bear Sunday while walking in the woods on his property. Bristol, Frederick J. (I2212)
1148 Frederick Harold Stinger was 18 years old when he signed his WW1 draft registration card on which he stated his employer was Fred Soule. Stinger, Frederick Harold (I1674)
1149 Frederick resumed supervisor duties in place of Moses Dolby whom was elected and resigned. Miles, Frederick W. (I2693)
1150 Frederick Stinger, Jr. died on Wednesday, after a lingering illness of consumption. He was born Aug. 21st, 1858 at Williamstown of this county, and came to this village with his parents when an infant, and has ever since lived here. He was a kind-hearted young man, and had a very many friends, as was shown by the large assemblage that gathered at the M.E. Church yesterday to attend his funeral. In former years he was somewhat intemperate, but about a year ago he joined the order of Good Templars and since that time had been true to his pledge. He commenced the life of a christian in June, 1882, and in August joined the M.E. Church, and has lived a consistent christian until his death. He leaves a wife and three children, father mother and four sisters and a large circle of friends to mourn his lose. So dies the wave along the shore. Stinger, Fredrick Jr. (I937)

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