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1051 Dan Tracy has retired from his occupation at Foster's market; there was a falling out of some sort. Tracy, Daniel (I932)
1052 Dan'l Tracey has engaged to do farm work for H. Godfrey the coming season. Tracy, Daniel (I932)
1053 Dan'l Tracey is officiating as hostler at the Globe Hotel. Tracy, Daniel (I932)
1054 Dan'l Tracy has been bounced from the position of hostler at the Globe Hotel. Tracy, Daniel (I932)
1055 Daniel Dixon, a former North Bay man, died in a Utica hospital Sunday, and his funeral was held in North Bay at St. John's Church at 11 o'clock Tuesday.  Dixon, Daniel (I4159)
1056 Daniel was a farmer and contracter, and with Sidras Ward built the first glass factory in the county in 1841 on the present site of the Crawford Getman glass factory Pettibone, Daniel (I348)
1057 Daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Binger. Charles was a glass factory employee. Binger, Hattie L. (I2198)
1058 Daughter of Jeremiah Hamilton Robbins and his wife Anna C Little  Robbins, Anna E. (I2792)
1059 David Beebe of Cleveland, N.Y., lost his life in Syracuse last week by the escapement of gas from an open jet in his room at the Manhattan Hotel. With his cousin, Henry, he was in the city on business. Beebe, David B. (I2174)
1060 Deans was instrumental with others in forming H.L. Farmer Post, G.A.R. about 1880. Deans, Thomas Derritt (I1183)
1061 Death furnishes us sad contemplation even where the deceased has passed the allotted years of man sinks through gradual decay in to the eternity of the hereafter; but where the grim monster, like a summer frost fastening upon a blossoming flower, snatches away a friend in early youth, we feel a melancholy influence creeping over us inquiring in our earthly wisdom why God should have it so.

After scarcely twenty-five years of this world, Henry J. Robus has been summoned to enter upon the next. He was employed by G.D. Wells, near Williamstown. Saturday evening he retired about half-past 8, in his usual health, only somewhat tired from a long day's work. He did not rise as customary early in the morning, after calling him once, Mrs. Wells went to his room, and on opening the door found him lying upon his face on the floor. She gave the alarm to her husband and he immediately summoned a physician, who pronounced life extinct. The probability is that, feeling the symptoms of his old complaint of heart disease, he undertook to leave his bed for the purpose of walking off its effects, as he has on other occasions, when he lost all consciousness, as is generally the case, fell forward on his face, and died while in that condition, as there was no evidence whatever of a struggle.

In the general bustle of the world deceased will not be missed, but in the circle of family and acquaintances, where the sweetest ties are knit; where the noble qualities of the heart are soonest discovered and longest felt; where a loving generous nature found its own pleasure reflected in the happiness of other, there is a deep, dismal inexpressible vacancy, that only a firm faith in man's immortality can render endurable.

His funeral was largely attended Wednesday from the house and subsequently at St. James Church, Rev. Wm. Long conducting the service.  
Robus, Henry J. (I392)
1062 Death has again entered this village and taken James Dwyer after an illness of less than two days. He was taken ill Sunday night with bowel trouble. Medical aid was quickly called but to no avail and his brother, Dr. Dwyer of Syracuse, was telegraphed for, but he died before he arrived. Dwyer, James J. (I817)
1063 Deborah was a dental hygienist for over 40 years in the orthodontic field. Buck, Deborah S. (I3461)
1064 Deceased was a son of the late Mr. and mrs. I. Duncan, who were well known and prominent residents of this village about 25 years ago. The senior Mr. Duncan conducted a jewelry store here, and was a practical repairer of watches and clocks. Thus the son acquired the same trade which he followed after the family removed from Camden. Following the death of this father, the son succeeded him in business in Cleveland. Duncan, Harry (I4157)
1065 Del's father was born in France and his mother in New York or France based on the census referenced. Cottet, Adelbert (I134)
1066 Dellomorte?s Country Manor was the site Saturday, January 20, of the first organizational meeting of the new Dellomorte?s Snowmobile Club. Election of officers were held and the following were elected: President, Angelo Dellomorte; Vice-President, Robert Smith; Secretary, Mrs. Laura Russett; and Treasurer, Mrs. Janet Tyler. A meeting was held on Saturday, January 27 at which time a Constitution and By-Laws were formed. Dellomorte, Angelo H. (I2560)
1067 Departed Le Havre, France (NY Passenger List 1820-1957)
Arrival May 5 , 1849. New York, New York. (NY Passenger List) 
Best, Margaret (I1189)
1068 Died at Canastota Hospital. Deans, Thomas Derritt (I1183)
1069 Died at childbirth. Phail, Peter (I3057)
1070 Died at eleven years old. Sturdevant, Jessie (I3067)
1071 Died at his home, 508 Rochester street, Jan. 24th, Eugene Kimball, aged 64 years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Myrtle Kimball, Fulton: three daughters, Mrs. Lowena Williams, Mrs. Marsha Jodway, and Mrs Lillian Phillips. Two sons Vernon and Lewis Kimball, a sister Mrs Edward Webb and a brother Romaine Kimball.  Kimball, Eugene (I1079)
1072 Died at home after a long illness. Desjardins, Wilfred David (I4061)
1073 Died at home after an illness extending over several years. Schuler, Barbara (I123)
1074 Died at home on Center Street, where she lived with her brother Harmon C. Landgraff. Landgraff, Katherine V. (I95)
1075 Died at home. Senecal, Louisa Esther (I1450)
1076 Died at home. Will, David N. (I2066)
1077 Died at home. Andris, Laure Octavie (I2543)
1078 Died at the home of her daughter in Erie ... She had moved from Cleveland to Erie just the year before. Wood, Minnie L. (I2661)
1079 Died at the home of her niece, Mrs. Cheri Hylton, Bernhards Bay, NY after a long illness. Dunn, Gail G. (I2144)
1080 Died at the home of his daughter, Ellen. Foster, William H. (I41)
1081 Died at the home of his son, Thomas D. Deans. Deans, John (I353)
1082 Died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Dock in Cleveland. Blye, Jennie Frances (I2127)
1083 Died in Utica, Oneida CO, NY at the New York Central Railroad Station- after walking out of the Faxton Hospital. He was being treated for Koch's Lymph. Ladue, Henry (I871)
1084 Died of consumption. Knight, Edith Chew (I198)
1085 Died very young. Matthews, Friendly Armenia (I3146)
1086 Died: At Constantia, June 17th, 1883, little Charley, son of Libbie and J.E. Marsh, aged 8 months and 20 days. Marsh, Charley (I2671)
1087 Discharged July 1865 under General Orders to muster out troops. Marble, Edward A. (I255)
1088 Discharged with his company in September 1865. Terpenny, Frank G. (I347)
1089 Dissolution of Partnership: Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Smith & Whaley has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. The business will hereafter be carried on in the name of Garrit Smith of said firm, who assumes all liabilities of said firm, and to whom all debts due are to be paid. --- Gerrit Smith, S.H. Whaley, June 7, 1883 Smith, Garrett (I2820)
1090 Dissolution of Partnership: Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Smith & Whaley has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. The business will hereafter be carried on in the name of Garrit Smith of said firm, who assumes all liabilities of said firm, and to whom all debts due are to be paid. --- Gerrit Smith, S.H. Whaley, June 7, 1883 Whaley, Seymour H. (I2920)
1091 Doc Whyborn jerked out 19 of butcher Travis's teeth, Wednesday; and now Ham will gum his victuals for awhile. Whyborn, Dr. David T. (I327)
1092 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I433)
1093 Donald Campbell Stenson passed away at his home on Fourth street yesterday morning, the end coming very peacefully at 5 o'clock. His health had not been good for a year or two, and during his last illness of several weeks duration, he was most tenderly cared for by loving hands and received the best medical treatment. Nothing whatever was spared for his comfort. Stenson, Donald C. (I4158)
1094 Dora O'Connor came to [Cleveland] vicinity when six years of age from Kings County, Ireland, where she was born in 1844. O'Connor, Doretta Ann (I3588)
1095 Dorothy J. Jeffrey, 80, of Bridge Street,Cleveland,died Thursday at her daughter's home in Mattydale.  Kessler, Dorothy J. (I2571)
1096 Dr. Herle has moved to Cleveland. Herle, Dr. Francik E. (I511)
1097 Dramatics, Rambler Staff Lane, Leona Belle (I3727)
1098 Dramatics, Rambler Staff Watson, Margaret Elizabeth (I3729)
1099 During 1864, Feeler was with his company, which was stationed first in South Carolina, then in Virginia. From December 1864 to January 1865 he was absent, on detached duty with an ambulance corps. He rejoined his unit the following March, at which time his company was encamped at Chapin Farm in Virginia. By April, Company I had joined the Army of the Potomac near Petersburg, where (according to War Department records) 'it shared in the most memorable campaign which resulted in the fall of Richmond and the surrender of General Lee'

Feeler became ill in June 1865, and, from then through September, his status was given as 'sick at New Orleans, La.' The 29th had been sent to Texas, and Feeler perhaps became ill on the trip south and never reached Texas. He was discharged from the army on October 23, 1865. 
Feeler, Robert H. (I1701)
1100 During a severe thunder storm last Saturday night about 10 o'clock D.D. Terpenny's barn, near the glass factory, was struck by lightning and burned, together with farm implements, wagons, carriages, tools, etc. A valuable 2-year old colt was struck by the lightning and killed, and another slightly injured. The damages is over $700; no insurances. Terpenny, David Duane (I345)

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