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1001 CO F 189 REG NY VOL Perkins, William M. (I2760)
1002 Co. F., 189th NY Infantry. Killed at the Battle of Lewis Farm during the Siege of Petersburg, VA. Kimball, Jamain (I4108)
1003 Coming to Cleveland in 1821, he located where the Catholic parsonage now stands, and was the first leader of the M.E. class here, serving it also as steward from 1826 until his death. In 1833 he was licensed to exhort and in 1839 to preach. In 1841-2 he supervised the erection of the M.E. Church; in 1843 he was ordained deacon and in 1848 elder.

The first religious services held in the vicinity occurred in his house in the summer of 1822, the officiating minister being Rev. Mr. Keyes, a Methodist preacher. 
Martin, Rev. Christopher (I149)
1004 Complaint having been made from here to the Co. Supt. of Poor that old Joe Northrup, colored, and discoverer of the 'Cleveland gold mine,' had applied to our overseer for help, Co. Supt. Spencer has ordered overseer Odell to bring Uncle Joe before him forthwith. When Joe heard of it, he said he would starve first. Northup, Joseph (I2979)
1005 Complaint having been made from here to the Co. Supt. of Poor that old Joe Northrup, colored, and discoverer of the 'Cleveland gold mine,' had applied to our overseer for help, Co. Supt. Spencer has ordered overseer Odell to bring Uncle Joe before him forthwith. When Joe heard of it, he said he would starve first. Odell, Daniel W. (I2644)
1006 Could this be Carrie Farmer? Unknown, Carrie (I1109)
1007 Counselor James L. Gallagher will next move his office into the rooms over Dr. Allen's store. Gallagher, James L. (I68)
1008 Crawford Getman was a Democrat and served as Town of Constantia Supervisor and Village of Cleveland Mayor, as weel as a Trustee for several terms. Getman, Crawford (I1110)
1009 Crawford Getman's home was located on Center Street across from Factory Street. It had a large ballroom on the third floor and other features common for a wealthy person' home. Getman, Crawford (I1110)
1010 Crawford Getman's will was probated on December 6, 1917 at well over $1 million dollars in value. At the time, it was described as the largest ever processed in Oswego County at the time. Getman, Crawford (I1110)
1011 Crawford received a common school education. At age 15 he started working as a clerk in his brother's country store for several years until he moved up to cleark in the Agricultural Bank of Herkimer. Getman, Crawford (I1110)
1012 Crawford was raised on the family farm, the youngest of several children, who lived in near poverty. Getman, Crawford (I1110)
1013 Cremated Vaughn, George Christopher (I3977)
1014 Cremated. Ashes given to family and friends. Leonard, Melvin Howard (I2630)
1015 Cumins has purchased from S.P. Duncan the site of the recently burned blacksmith shop, an is making ready to put up a building, part of the lumber being already drawn. Cummins, William Henry (I1233)
1016 Cummmins' new blacksmith shop is about ready for him to resume business again. Cummins, William Henry (I1233)
1017 Cynthia M. Gibson et al., to Seth P. Duncan, lot in Cleveland, $125, June, 1875. Duncan, Seth P. (I440)
1018 Cyrus Marble, Samuel Ward, and Franklin Stevens have resided in Cleveland since 1834. Marble, Cyrus (I253)
1019 Cyrus Marble, Samuel Ward, and Franklin Stevens have resided in Cleveland since 1834. Stevens, Franklin (I308)
1020 Cyrus Marble, Samuel Ward, and Franklin Stevens have resided in Cleveland since 1834. Ward, Samuel (I427)
1021 Cyrus Marble: On Monday last at 12 o'clock noon another of our oldest residents, Cyrus Marble, passed away from the scenes of this life, at the age of 73 years.

As stated in the last issue of the Press, he was prostrated with an attack of paralysis on Tuesday of last week and his feeble condition gave no hope of recovery.

He was born May 7, 1808, in the town of Sherburne, Chenango Co., of this state. As a young man he was steady, industrious and faithful, and at an early age, on Sept. 25th, 1831, was married to Miss Corpsy, the amiable companion who survives him. Soon after, they took charge of a hotel called the Gilbert place, about five miles this side of Rome, where they remained about a year.

They came to Cleveland 47 years ago and rebuilt what was known as the Marble House, which he occupied for over 40 years; and under his management, ably assisted by his wife, it was known far and wide as one of the best country hotels in the State.

He held several positions of public trust, among them town assessor, overseer of poor, and treasurer of the plank road company, all of which he filled with rare ability and honor.

A family of seven children were born to him, six of whom are yet living; Cyrus C., residing here; David, in Detroit; Frank in Vienna; Ed, in Pennsylvania; Henry and Mrs. W.D. Palmer, in Chicago.

He will long be remembered as a genial, upright, citizen; a man of conscience, liberality and worth - who live a clean, useful life, and has gone to his reward.

Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon, at the Methodist Church, and largely attended, friend Samuel Dickenson officiating. 
Marble, Cyrus (I253)
1022 Dan O'dell has taken possession of the Landgraff farm. Odell, Daniel W. (I2644)
1023 Dan Tallman and Etta Tracy were married in this place Monday, and started off in the 7 o'clock train that night. Thursday night they returned. The 'Calathumpians' are making extensive preparations. Family F306
1024 Dan Tracy has been appointed assistant about the Globe Hotel, to give Dell a rest. Tracy, Daniel (I932)
1025 Dan Tracy has retired from his occupation at Foster's market; there was a falling out of some sort. Tracy, Daniel (I932)
1026 Dan'l Tracey has engaged to do farm work for H. Godfrey the coming season. Tracy, Daniel (I932)
1027 Dan'l Tracey is officiating as hostler at the Globe Hotel. Tracy, Daniel (I932)
1028 Dan'l Tracy has been bounced from the position of hostler at the Globe Hotel. Tracy, Daniel (I932)
1029 Daniel was a farmer and contracter, and with Sidras Ward built the first glass factory in the county in 1841 on the present site of the Crawford Getman glass factory Pettibone, Daniel (I348)
1030 Daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Binger. Charles was a glass factory employee. Binger, Hattie L. (I2198)
1031 Daughter of Jeremiah Hamilton Robbins and his wife Anna C Little  Robbins, Anna E. (I2792)
1032 Deans was instrumental with others in forming H.L. Farmer Post, G.A.R. about 1880. Deans, Thomas Derritt (I1183)
1033 Death furnishes us sad contemplation even where the deceased has passed the allotted years of man sinks through gradual decay in to the eternity of the hereafter; but where the grim monster, like a summer frost fastening upon a blossoming flower, snatches away a friend in early youth, we feel a melancholy influence creeping over us inquiring in our earthly wisdom why God should have it so.

After scarcely twenty-five years of this world, Henry J. Robus has been summoned to enter upon the next. He was employed by G.D. Wells, near Williamstown. Saturday evening he retired about half-past 8, in his usual health, only somewhat tired from a long day's work. He did not rise as customary early in the morning, after calling him once, Mrs. Wells went to his room, and on opening the door found him lying upon his face on the floor. She gave the alarm to her husband and he immediately summoned a physician, who pronounced life extinct. The probability is that, feeling the symptoms of his old complaint of heart disease, he undertook to leave his bed for the purpose of walking off its effects, as he has on other occasions, when he lost all consciousness, as is generally the case, fell forward on his face, and died while in that condition, as there was no evidence whatever of a struggle.

In the general bustle of the world deceased will not be missed, but in the circle of family and acquaintances, where the sweetest ties are knit; where the noble qualities of the heart are soonest discovered and longest felt; where a loving generous nature found its own pleasure reflected in the happiness of other, there is a deep, dismal inexpressible vacancy, that only a firm faith in man's immortality can render endurable.

His funeral was largely attended Wednesday from the house and subsequently at St. James Church, Rev. Wm. Long conducting the service.  
Robus, Henry J. (I392)
1034 Death has again entered this village and taken James Dwyer after an illness of less than two days. He was taken ill Sunday night with bowel trouble. Medical aid was quickly called but to no avail and his brother, Dr. Dwyer of Syracuse, was telegraphed for, but he died before he arrived. Dwyer, James J. (I817)
1035 Deborah was a dental hygienist for over 40 years in the orthodontic field. Buck, Deborah S. (I3461)
1036 Del's father was born in France and his mother in New York or France based on the census referenced. Cottet, Adelbert (I134)
1037 Dellomorte?s Country Manor was the site Saturday, January 20, of the first organizational meeting of the new Dellomorte?s Snowmobile Club. Election of officers were held and the following were elected: President, Angelo Dellomorte; Vice-President, Robert Smith; Secretary, Mrs. Laura Russett; and Treasurer, Mrs. Janet Tyler. A meeting was held on Saturday, January 27 at which time a Constitution and By-Laws were formed. Dellomorte, Angelo H. (I2560)
1038 Departed Le Havre, France (NY Passenger List 1820-1957)
Arrival May 5 , 1849. New York, New York. (NY Passenger List) 
Best, Margaret (I1189)
1039 Died at Canastota Hospital. Deans, Thomas Derritt (I1183)
1040 Died at childbirth. Phail, Peter (I3057)
1041 Died at eleven years old. Sturdevant, Jessie (I3067)
1042 Died at his home, 508 Rochester street, Jan. 24th, Eugene Kimball, aged 64 years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Myrtle Kimball, Fulton: three daughters, Mrs. Lowena Williams, Mrs. Marsha Jodway, and Mrs Lillian Phillips. Two sons Vernon and Lewis Kimball, a sister Mrs Edward Webb and a brother Romaine Kimball.  Kimball, Eugene (I1079)
1043 Died at home after a long illness. Desjardins, Wilfred David (I4061)
1044 Died at home after an illness extending over several years. Schuler, Barbara (I123)
1045 Died at home on Center Street, where she lived with her brother Harmon C. Landgraff. Landgraff, Katherine V. (I95)
1046 Died at home. Senecal, Louisa Esther (I1450)
1047 Died at home. Will, David N. (I2066)
1048 Died at home. Andris, Laure Octavie (I2543)
1049 Died at the home of her daughter in Erie ... She had moved from Cleveland to Erie just the year before. Wood, Minnie L. (I2661)
1050 Died at the home of her niece, Mrs. Cheri Hylton, Bernhards Bay, NY after a long illness. Dunn, Gail G. (I2144)

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